Major events in the evolution of dry ski slopes.

1927 Vienna’s Schneepalast offers fake ‘snow’ on matting.

1935 Lillywhites Shop converts dance hall to ski slope.

The Créppins slope at Arcachon on the shores of the Bay of Biscay. 

1938 250m Pine Needles on Sand Slope opens in France.

One of Mr Neurauter’s classes

1952 Herbert Neurauter teaches skiing on hard surfaces.

Skiing Mount Beacon, New York State, Summer 1956

1956 Ski run on crushed plastic opens in New York State.

1958: German Industrialist Dr Rudolf Alberti patents slope using baryt waste rock.

1959 Pietro Aquaderni of Bologna patents dry slope mat.

1961 Dendix begin manufacturing dry ski slopes.

1962 SkiDek Corp patent moving belt dry ski slope.

Torquay Ski Slope in 1960s

1963 First permanent UK dry slope opens in Torquay.

Zondal ski slope 1964-2017

1964 Belgium’s purpose-built Zondal ski slope opens.

1965 200m slope, Longest Yet, opens at Hillend, Scotland

1967 France’s Longest dry run opens at Dieppe, France.

Il Primo Ski club’s slope in the Netherlands

1969 Il Primo club opens NL’s longest slope at 71m.

1979 A 500 metre long dry slope opens at Landgraaf, NL

Landgraaf 1979

1986 Briton Mist dry slope lubrication system launched.

1988 Sheffield opens Europe’s new largest dry ski centre.

1995 Alpine Engineering, today the world’s largest manufacturer of ski treadmill conveyor belt ski slopes established in The Netherlands.

1996 Snowflex surface launched on the market.

1999 Neveplast begin trading.

Alpine disk slope of ‘ADS’ revolves horizontally as skiers descend ‘forever’

2015 Alpine Disk revolving slope opens in Utrecht.

Kagura, Japan

2016 Kagura, Japan, builds world’s longest slope at 1.1km

Kopaonik, Serbia

2018 Europe’s Longest Slope opens at Kopaonik, Serbia

2019 Chechnya, Russia, build’s world’s new longest slope at more than 1.1km (below)