The Slopes

Some of the world’s leading dry slopes A-Z by country. 


Australia, Brisbane, Olympic Winter Training Centre

This freestyle ski-jumping facility featuring a 37-metre-high run in ramp to allow snowsports athletes to reach maximum speeds of over 70 kilometres an hour and launch up to 17 metres in the air to practise their aerial manoeuvres before landing in a swimming pool opened in 2021. The jump, the first of its kind in the southern hemisphere, is part of a wider Olympic Winter Training Centre and was built at a reported cost of $6m (AUS) with funding from the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia, the Australian Government through Sport Australia, the Queensland Government and the Australian Olympic Committee.

Australia, Brisbane, Urban Extreme

A multi-adventure-sport centre offering tween different adventure sports under one roof. The complex includes three conveyor ski machines.

Australia, Canberra, Vertikal

Opened in June 2018, this facility features three 12-metre long hydraulic ‘ski mats’ which can tilt at various angles and vary their speed to suit everyone from beginner to advanced level of skier or boarder. The ski mat speed can range from 5km/h for first timers up to 100km/h and the mat’s angle vary from 10 degrees up to 50 degrees. Lessons normally last 60 minutes to learn and practice skills with a support bar to hold on to when needed and mirrors to watch progress.


Austria, Vorarlberg, Hohenems

A water training jump for freestylers. A choice of three ramps, one with a choice of departure points. The ramps use a total of 200sqm of WaterTrax sliding mats by Skitrax, installed in 2020. The two large kickers offer inclines of up to 40 degrees.

Austria, Judenberg, Skiworld-Pro 

State-of-the-art facility incorporating an Alpine engineering machine. On slope training for all ability levels including ice hockey practice on the slope.

Austria, Puchberg,
Wunderwiese am Schneeberg

Opened in 2016 close to Vienna by the Austrian company Sunkid in partnership with the Italian slope manufacturer Neveplast the slopes aim is to strike a balance between “Sport & Fun” allowing ski areas to run their lifts before Christmas whatever the weather.

Austria, Scharnitz, Banger Park

Located close to Innsbruck, Banger Park comprises a JF dry ski surface in run launching on to a slope-hugging BigAir bag. The park also has a trampolining area.


Belgium, Beringen, Albrecht & Co

A conveyor slope located in an atmospheric and authentic wood-lined room that’s also used for a ski shop and rentals.

Belgium, Herselt, Ars Valendi 

The ski slope is part of the De Mixx leisure center where you can also play tennis, go horse riding, play football and there’s an indoor climbing wall.

Belgium, Halen, Ski-Fun

One of Belgium’s newest indoor-ski centres with a conveyor slope from Alpine Engineering, opened in 2018.

Belgium, Bruges, Ski-Inn

One of the original generation of conveyor-style indoor ski and snowboard centres, long-established in Bruges.

Begium, Lokeren, Sportcentrum De Dam

Multi-activity fitness centre with indoor and outdoor activities and facilities including a conveyor slope from Alpine engineering, fitness centre and indoor climbing wall.

Belgium, Geel, Indoor ski Lissenvijver Geel

Part of a multi-sports centre which also offers activities like paintballing, laser, mini-golf and drone flying in summer and an ice rink and cross country ski trails in winter.

Belgium, Indoor Ski Mont Blanc

First-generation indoor conveyor style ski slope in Roeselare. Strong community ethos.

Belgium, Middelkerke, Top-Fit

A multi snow-sports facility first established in 1990 but moved to a bigger location in 2015. It features a conveyor slope with fixed slope ‘apron’ to ski on to off the bottom of the slope and a kids mini snowmobiling circuit.

Belgium, Anderlecht, Yeti-Ski

A long established Belgian slope complete with drag lifts, flood lighting and slope sprinkler system. Main slope is 130 metres long with 26 metres of vertical.


São Paulo, Ski Mountain Park

Brazil’s largest mountain sports resort opened in March 1998. The ski run is about 300 metres long and served by a single seat chairlift.


Bulgaria, Bansko

Eastern Europe’s largest ski resort added a 3000 square metre Skitrax dry slope in 2012, at the time the largest in the region. The slope measures 100 metres long by 30 wide and is served by a conveyor lift.

Bulgaria, Sofia, Snowcamp Carve Indoor Ski Centre

A modern conveyor slope facility (and bar!) in the Bulgarian capital. This is a video of the slope in action.


Canada, BC, Freestyle Whistler

The famous Canadian ski resort and 2010 Winter Olympics host Whistler is home to a Freestyle Centre where there are three water jumps of varying sizes for freestyle skiers and boarders to practice on. The Water Ramps generally operate throughout July and August when the pool is warm and the sun is out.  They’re designed primarily for athletes who will work with coaches on the fundamentals of jumping after warming up oat the trampoline centre.  The facility is located at Base 2 on Blackcomb Mountain. There are 3 jumps to choose from: Jump 4 is the beginner jump, Jump 1 is the “singles” jump (for single inverts) and Jump 2 is the “doubles” jump (for athletes going around twice in the air).

Canada, Toronto, Alpine Indoor

Ski and board on an ISO certified rolling carpet 6 metres wide and 11 metres long which can be used by up to 3 riders at a time. The special carpet moves uphill as you move downhill. The speed and steepness can be adjusted to suit all ages and abilities.


(Note: According to the China White Book annual national survey
published in 2019 there were 32 dry ski areas in China with over 150,000 square metres of dry slope and the numbers growing at about 25% a year).

China, Chengdu, American Extreme Sports Park

The year-round complex established in 2011 includes a 160m intermediate slope, 100m nursery slope, 70m jumping course and 90m mogul course. Over 50,000 people learn to ski or snowboard every year at this location even during summer.

China, Beijing, Arctic Fox Indoor Ski Club

The Arctic Fox Indoor Ski Club opened in Beijing in 2017 with three conveyor machines using Playgrass ski carpet.

China, Jilin, Changchun: Family Entertainment Centre

Four never-ending indoor ski slopes have opened at a new centre at Changchun, the capital of Jilin Province in China in 2020. The large family entertainment centre features four ski slope machines manufactured by the Dutch-based firm Alpine Engineering ski slopes in various sizes. The family entertainment centre is perfectly located around the 7 million inhabitants that make up the local area and the facility boasts trampolines, interactive games, climbing wall challenges, and indoor ski lessons on the ski machines all year round.

China, Foshan, JF Ski Centre

The JF Dry Ski Slope In Foshan is one of the biggest dry ski slopes in China so far. Installed in 2017 the total slope area is about 10,000 square metres, used for skis, snowboard and snow tubing.

China, Shandong, Fu Lai Qing Four Seasons Ski Resort      

The slope is located in the Fulaiqing Tourist Resort which is strategically located, the transportation is very convenient, and the scenery is beautiful. It is a place that integrates ecological sightseeing, cultural experience, tea and health, catering and accommodation, and leisure and vacation. It functions as a national AAAA-level tourist attraction and a provincial-level research and learning practice education base for primary and middle school students. The Four Seasons Ski Resort which opened on May 1st 2014 is the first Four Seasons Ski Resort in Shandong to use JFSki mushroom dry ski mats. It has a beginner slope and a main slope. The total area is 7,500 square meters and the longest slope is 180 meters.

China, Ice and Snow Sports Simulation Training Centre, Hebei Institute of PE

The dry skiing slope (ice and snow sports simulation training centre) of Hebei Sports College is located in Hebei Sports Academy. The dry ski slope was built by the College as an ice and snow talent training base for the Province. The dry ski slope covers an area of ​​2000 square meters and is constructed on a steel structure. The slope was made from JF dry ski mats in 2018.

China, Jianfeng Qifengxia Four Season Dry Ski Slope (Guangyuan City, Sichuan)

The largest outdoor dry ski slope in northeast Sichuan. The centre has been financed and built by Sichuan Zhaohua Ancient City Cultural Tourism Co., in Guangyuan City, which is more northerly, but still has an average annual temperature of around 10 degrees Celsius. The slope opened in January 2021 and can accommodate 300 skiers at the same time. It covers an area of 24.7 acres, of which the ski slopes cover 10.5 acres (about 7000 square meters).  All slopes use the latest fourth-generation needle mushroom dry ski mat of JF Dryski. There are three ski slopes, the longest 200 metres long and 20 metres wide with an average gradient on 15 degrees over a 36 metre vertical drop. There are two shorter slopes, both 70 metres long with a 13.4 degree pitch, but one 10 metres and the other 20 metres wide. The whole complex has four carpet lifts providing uplift.

China, Liupanshui Yushe

The Liupanshui Yushe dry ski slope was built in the Yushe National Forest Park in Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province in 2019. The most distinctive feature is that the dry slope was built in the residential area of ​​the Yi and Miao (ethnic minorities). The foundation of the ski trail is built by steel structure, with a total area of ​​6000 square meters, with primary slope, intermediate slope and tubing.

China, Luke Island, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Luke Island Dry slope opened in 2018 on “Luke Island” in the centre of more than 2,400 acres of lake area in “Luhu Water City Scenic Area” in Chengdu. The centre, built by JF Ski, features a 20-metre wide main slope and a 30-metre wide intermediate run on the natural slope facing the lake as a practice slope for beginner skiers. Total slope area is 1500sqm and three carpet lifts provide uplift. Both runs face the lake so skiers descend towards the waterfront.

China, Nanjing Snowboarding Air Dome

Nanjing Snowboarding Air Dome is located in Nanjing Sports Training Centre. The total area of JF dry ski mat slope is 2000 square meters, which consists of four levels of dry ski slopes and a Snowboard park. The dry ski slope was built in 2019 in a huge air structure building, and the whole slope is built with galvanized scaffolding. The ski slope was financed by the local government to provide basic training for professional ski teams in non-snow season. The dry ski slope is made of needle mushroom JF dry ski mat and opened in 2019.

China, Beijing, Olympic Forest Park

Opened on 10th September 2017 and claiming to be one of the largest in Asia, with 20,000 square metres of JF Ski dry slope matting. Recognised by the FIS and BASI.

China, Beijing, Running River Extreme Sports Park

Highly successful Chinese sportswear shop and retailer that created its own ski slope with JF Matting. There are two fairly steep slopes, 70 and 60 metres long, served by a conveyor lift.

China, Hubei, Sanjiao Mountain Haoyu Four Seasons Ski Resort

Opened at the end of 2017, following a total investment of 56 million yuan, Sanjiao Mountain Haoyu Four Seasons Ski Resort is located at the foot of Sanjiao Mountain in Xishui County, Hubei Province and is one of the largest dry ski resorts in Central China. The ski area of ​​the ski resort is about 9,600 square meters, with: riding slope (suitable for skiers with no experience, tubing runs, primary ski slope, Intermediate ski slope, advanced ski slope. The ski area can accommodate up to 300 people at the same time and has a daily reception capacity of 3,500 people.  

China, Shanghai, S H Owns Winter (S.H.O.W)

The largest indoor dry ski slope in Shanghai, SH Owns Winter, opened on January 1st, 2021 in the central area of city. Covering an area of more than 1,000 square metres, the complex is equipped with ski simulator machines, dry ski slopes (beginner slopes, intermediate runs, terrain parks features and big air bags). The complex also boasts an instructor team with internationally certified coaches and retired athletes from the Chinese national team. The facility, which uses the JF Ski needle mushroom style dry slope material aims to create a 365-day ski atmosphere and training conditions for the skiers of all types and ability levels.

China, Hubei, Shennongjia Dry Ski Slope

Built within the Shennongjia International Ski Resort in 2018, this JF Ski dry slope has a total area of ​​2,200 square metres. The international ski resort is the first largest and fully functional alpine natural ski resort in Central China. It is a comprehensive tourist resort integrating outdoor skiing, sightseeing, vacation and outdoor adventure. The weather is hot in summer. In order to meet the needs of tourists to escape the summer heat, and to support sports, leisure and entertainment projects, the ski resort invested in the construction of the dry slope to provide summer skiing for tourists.

China,Shijiazhuang Foreign Language School Dry Ski Teaching Slope 

In order to provide skiing lessons for students at Shijiazhuang Foreign Language School, the roof of a building was specially reinforced and transformed into a dry ski slope using galvanized scaffolding, so that students could have physical education classes inside the school and the unused space on the roof was also utilized. The total area of the dry ski slope is about 600 square meters, and JF Dry ski mat is used. The size of the dry ski slope can meet the needs of a class of students attending classes at the same time. There are several cases in the world where they build a dry ski slope on the roof of the building but this is the only known one with a school.

China, Zhangjiakou, Wanlong Indoor Children’s Dry slope Experience Hall

The dry skiing experience hall for children was built in the reception hall of Wanlong Ski Resort in 2015. In order to solve children’s fear of outdoor cold weather and not affect the outdoor skiing of young parents, the ski resort has added a children’s playground in the reception hall. Among the favourite items, the dry slope is reported to be most favoured by children. In the children’s playground, there are skilled carers who take care of the children for their parents, teach them to practice skiing on the dry slope, and cultivate hobbies. The dry slope covers an area of ​​500 square meters, with a wave slope and a primary ski slope.

China, Sichuan, Chengdu, Wufengxi Park

Wufengxi Park is a mixed outdoor sports and tourism complex featuring a year round Snowflex® snowsports slope, installed in late 2019. The snowsports area consist of a main and nursery Snowflex® slope and is designed to cater for all skill levels from “nervous novices” through to “extreme experts”. The Snowflex® slope is designed for staging regular freestyle events to further promote snowsports in China. The Snowflex® beginner’s area is also be designed to accommodate tubing.

China, Chengdu, Xindu JF Dry-Ski Four Season Resort

Large dry ski centre with the largest dry slope in Southwest China is located in Majia Town, Xindu District, built in 2017. The Ski Resort rises from the flat ground and is structured into a pyramid. The dry slope construction area is about 20,000 square metres, and the slopes are about 16,000 square metres. The highest point is 27 metres; the longest slope is 178 metres. There are ski slopes for all ability levels from beginner to expert, with a big air slope and air bag added in 2000. There’s also a moguls slope, snow park and dry ski and snowboarding school. Nine carpet lifts serve the slopes and there’s also a second airbag and a trampoline. All skiing materials are used for gold mushroom Dry Ski Mat (fourth generation).

China, Beijing Yongledian Middle School

The 1,400sqm dry slope of Beijing Yongledian Middle School is located on the campus. It was funded and built  by the school itself in 2019 in order to enable students to learn snowsports in their classes. The dry slope is constructed of steel and uses JF dry ski mats. Due to the limited area of ​​the site, the dry slope structure adopts a cross three-dimensional structure, with independent snowboard and ski slopes with one slope going over the other.

China, Qingzhou, Yunmen Mountain All-Seasons Resort

Opened in 2018 the ski centre has five main ski slopes covering a combined area of 17,000 square metres and covered with what appears to be a Chinese domestic dry ski slope surface. Ski and board slopes are pitched at 10-15 degrees with tubing runs, including one within the building, at 6 – 20 degrees.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic, Skiarena Písek 

This is a conventional ski area in winter but with a surface of artificial ski mats for when there is no snow or for year-round use, as well as a snowmaking system for when it is cold enough but there is no natural snowfall. The slope is believed to have existed, complete with its artificial mats, supplied by the then state-owned predecessor of today’s TOTEX dry slope manufacturer. However everything has been renewed in recent years. The slope and the mats even appeared in a 1987 teen film called “Discostory”


Denmark, Copenhill

An artificial surface ski slope down the sloping side of a renewable energy power plant near the Danish capital has gathered worldwide publicity ahead of its opening in 2019, more than six years after the concept was first unveiled by innovative architects BIG.  The 300m+ Neveplast slope has been designed to blend in to a ‘natural hillside’ design with grass growing through the surface material. The slope, served by conveyor lifts, is one of Europe’s longest.


England, Birmingham, The Ackers

Part of a long established adventure centre, The Ackers has a main 100 metre Dendix ski slope with a separate nursery slope. The slope is a regular meeting place of the Midland Ski Club and also of the Uphill Ski Club.

England, Hampshire, Aldershot, Alpine Snowports

One of the larger dry ski centres in the UK with three slopes, each suited to different ability levels, the longest 110 metres in length.

England, Kent, Tunbridge Wells, Bowles Centre

Ski slope facility within an outdoor centre for young people aged 18-25, charity run, since 1964 with the late HRH The Duke of Edinburgh their patron for many years. Home of the Bowles Ski Racing Club and where Freestyle skier Ben Cavet, who was placed eighth at Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014 and whose father Andy Cavet was Bowles head of snow sports, learned to ski on its slopes. 76m Dendix main slope and 47m nursery slope.

England, Essex, Brentwood Park Ski Centre

The ski area, established in 1974, is one of the closest to central London and has more than four decades of history providing ski teaching for children and adults alike as well as recreational snowsports year-round. At one time (the 1980s) it was known as the Warley Ski Centre. The centre includes a 100m Dendix slo[pe as well as a mogul field and a half-pipe for snowboarding. There is also an equipment shop and a health club.

England, Hants, Southampton, Calshot Activities Centre

A rare dry slope being located but off-shore on a near island in the Solent (linked to the shore by a causeway) and indoors with a wide 62 metre long Snowflex slope. This replaced a smaller former Dendix slope of 28 x 42m which was previously on the slope.

England, Carlisle Snowsports Club

One of England’s smaller, older and most northerly centres, operating a Dendix slope complete with terrain park features and moguls slope. The slope measures 50 by 20 metres.

England, Kent, Chatham Ski & Snowboard Centre

Located 45 minutes from central London, the centre describes itself as, “the South East’s premier outdoor snowsports centre.” Normally open from 10am to 10pm daily, it has a 200m x 32m main slope, teaching area, toboggan and tube run as well as bar and restaurant.

England, London, Chel-ski

Conveyor slope facility located in central London. The same operator runs a climbing centre next door.

England, Devon, Exeter Ski Club

Long-established Dendix slope with strong community ethos helping children and disabled groups to ski. Sadly as of 2019 the slope is set to close due to the Council’s wish to sell the land its on for housing against strong public objections. It may still operate for several years as the sale process goes through and a new site its being sought for a new slope.

England, Kent, Folkestone Snowsports Centre

One of the UK’s most southerly ski slopes offers sledging, tubing and ski and snowboard lessons on its 60 metre main slope.

England, Gloucester Ski and Snowboard Centre

One of Britain’s largest ski centres, with five runs including a 230 metre long main slope served by two drag lifts and offering a huge variety of ski and Snowflex® fun park with two quarter pipes, fun box and jump. Nursery slope.snowboarding options. Also offers toboggan rentals, instructor training and team building.

England, Herts, Gosling Ski Centre

A fully purpose designed and built centre with 140 metre main slope. Part of an extensive sports complex with many other sports facilities.

England, Manchester, Graystone Action Sports Academy 

The UK’s first indoor action sports centre featuring skiing and boarding opened in winter 2018-19. Hailed by British snowsports elite athletes in the park and pipe team as a superb training ground, it offers training for all ability levels from complete beginners.

England, Surrey, The Guildford Ski Slope

Established as the Bishop Reindorp Ski Centre in 1983, then re-named Christ’s College Ski Club when Bishop Reindorp School became Christ’s College in 2003, the centre has a 50m main slope, 20m nursery slope and 40m tubing slope.

England, Yorkshire, Halifax Ski & Board Centre

Centred on the popular Sportsman Inn, there’s a spectacular view from the top of the slope. Additional facilities include the Charlie Fastrax children’s indoor multi-storey play centre. Full Snowflex® slope, including. big air kicker, moguls, quarter pipe, fun box and counter slope. Nursery slope.

England, Cumbria, Kendal Ski Slope

Established in 1974 and run by volunteers, Kendal has a steep top section and wider middle and lower section for beginners and intermediates. There’s a full Snowflex® slope, two jumps curving quarter pipe, moguls and nursery slope

England, Cumbria, Keswick Ski Slope

A private slope for children of Keswick School. There has been a dry slope at the school since 1977, which has been improved over the years. In 2014 the school received £17,500 from West Cumbria Ski Club to upgrade its own dry ski slope and invest in new equipment.

England, Kidsgrove Ski Slope

North Staffs Ski Club was established over 40 years ago and owns all of the equipment and facilities at the centre.  The not-for-profit club is operated by skiers for skiers and has several slopes of 85 metres in length, plus terrain park features using the Playgrass surface.  This replaced a former Dendix surface. The staff and instructors are all volunteer members who give up their time in order to operate the centre for the benefit of all other club members.

England, East Sussex, Knockhatch

Knockhatch Ski and Snowboard Centre is one of the UK’s newest artificial slopes, built in only seven weeks up to December 1st, 2001. Originally using a surface called Tufglide, the centre later switched to Playgrass. As well as a 110m main slope for skiers and boarders, there’s a nursery slope, jump, table top ridge and tubing.

England, Mendip Snowsports Centre

Home of the Avon Ski Club, the centre has one of the UK’s longest slopes at 165 metres. There are bends, moguls, bumps, jumps and a quarter pipe.

England, West Sussex, Moving Mountains

The UK’s largest indoor conveyor slope facility and the only one with twin conveyor slopes.

England, Norfolk Snowsports Club

Norfolk Snowsports Club is a Members Club first established in 1968. An initial dry ski centre was built in 1973 with the current facility opening in 1978. Main slope, Snowflex terrain park, tubing area, nursery slopes.

England, Wirral, Oval Ski Club

A members run ski-club established in 1981 complete with their own 40 metre Dendix slope. Offers ski lessons, social atmosphere, race club etc.

England, Lancashire, Clitheroe, Pendle Ski Club

Located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the Heart of the Ribble Valley, Pendle’s ski slope is owned by club members. Its most famous skier is Dave Riding, winter Olympian and Britain’s most successful ever downhill skier. The 90 metre long Dendix slope is (unusually) green. Separate 30m beginners slope.

England, Plymouth Snowsports Centre

Leading south coast centre with three slopes totalling 180 metres in length, as well as a 650 meter toboggan run and Sno-tube rides, including the Viper Drop.

England, Cornwall, Redruth, Radnor Golf & Leisure

An unusual combination at Redruth in Cornwall allows you to learn to ski and learn to play golf at the same location. The conveyor ski machine at the golf club is one of the original models.

England, Lancashire, Ski Rossendale

One of the UK’s leading dry ski centres, attracting over 30,000 visitors every year, which has had major upgrades in recent year, including a  £630,000 project in 2017, part-funded by public body Sport England and supported by Rossendale council, which includes upgrading the centre’s ski slopes and adding a new  centre building. Features freestyle ski and snowboard training area with a tower for skiers and boarders to launch from, then two ramps and jumps and a big airbag landing zone.

England, Cheshire, Runcorn Ski Centre

Located in 800 acres of landscaped parkland and offering instruction for all abilities. 85 metre main Dendix slope with drag lift

England, Surrey, Sandown Ski School

The closest dry slope to Greater London and famed for its steep slope (by artificial surface slope standards) and excellent view of the local horse racing when it’s on.

England, Sunderland, Silksworth.

Now the only ski slope remaining in the North East of England, features a 160m main slope and two beginner slopes. 

England,Basingstoke, Skizone

A conveyor slope run by the same company that operates two indoor snow centres. Sessions for three skiers or two snowboarders per hour.

England, Hampshire, Alpine Snowsports Southampton

English South coast dry slope with three runs totalling 230 metres, the longest 110 metres, along with terrain park features and nursery slope.

England, Dorset, Snowtrax Alpine Activity Centre

Formerly known as the Christchurch Ski Centre, the slope was refurbished with Snowtrax ski matting in 2014 and the company that runs the centre now owns the material patent.

England, Yorkshire, Snozone Orbit

A conveyor slope that was unveiled in 2016 at the Snozone indoor snow slope in Castleford.

England, North Yorkshire, Stockeld Park

This 1.2km artificial surface cross-country ski track is believed to be the only one in the UK. It is believed to have first opened in 2006. It’s open in the autumn and winter only from late October to early January.  The park occupies 2000 acres and currently offers a wide variety of outdoor activities primarily aimed at families and children.

England, Staffs, Stoke Ski Centre

Operating a long Dendix slope served by two drag lifts with a strong community ethos. More than a dozen different university groups use the slope.

England, Ipswich, Suffolk Ski Centre

Suffolk’s main slope at 180 metres long incorporates a contoured ‘red’ run, a softer ‘blue’ run; and a new 40m junior slope so the centre can accommodate beginners improvers and experienced skiers and boarders. The main slope is serviced by two lifts, and all slopes are fully floodlit.

England, Derbyshire, Swadlincote Ski Centre

A large leisure facility & dry ski slope providing skiing, snowboarding, toboggan and tubing with a fully licensed bar and restaurant. The main slope is 170 metres long and 22 metres wide. There’s also a nursery slope for beginners.

England, Tallington Ski & Snowboard Centre

Large 150m main slope, floodlit for night skiing, incorporating ramps for freestyle. First opened in October 1987. Separate but adjacent nursery slope too. Both formerly Dendix replaced with Neveplast in 2018-19. Part of a multi-activity holiday complex with a wide range of water sports activities on site along with climbing, tennis and karting.  Open to day visitors or residential

England, Telford Ski and Snowboard Centre

Oned by Telford & Wrekin Council, this is a popular 85-metre dry slope with additional nursery slope. In 2019 the council invested £750,000 in building upgrades including an expanded commercial kitchen, a large entertainment space, a new-look bar, new showers, toilets and additional changing room space.

It is known to have been operating in 1975 when this video was recorded.

England, Torquay Alpine Ski Club

Established in 1963 and believed to be the world’s oldest still operational dry ski slope. Today the slope has a button lift and a mogul section.

Dorset, Warmwell Snowsports

Part of a Holiday Park development Warmwell has a 110 metre Snowflex ski slope, as well as a nursery slope, fun park and jump zone.


France, Cap’ Découverte

When it opened in 2003 this former mining pit had the world’s longest dry ski slope at 540 metres, served by a quad chairlift. There is also a nursery slope. More recent reports seem to indicate the upper part of the slope may have been removed and the lower part now used only for tubing.

France, Lyon, OnlySki

The only indoor ski centre in the region has a large conveyor belt from Aline Engineering that scrolls under the skis and allows skiers to “hurtle down” the track without stopping. 
Thanks to the 45m2 skiable surface, three snow sports enthusiasts can ski at the same time with a certified instructor. The track is made of polypropylene and thanks to the automatic watering the track remains wet allowing an optimal glide. 

France, Noeux les Mines, Loisinord

One of the world’s great year-round skis lopes was created on a former coal mine close to Calais in 1996 using the Snowflex surface. The 350m long main slope has a 110m vertical and pitches of up to 28%.

France, 3 Valleys, Club des Sports Courchevel

An indoor conveyor slope that is part of the world class facilities run by Courchevel’s famous ski club. The machine was supplied by Alpine Engineering in summer 2020

Tignes, Acroland

One of the original freestyle jumps, operating in summer (under snow in winter). It is monitored by Henry Authier, freestyle ski former champion, a specialist in acrobatics, and the inventor of Hot-Jumping. “You can trust him!” says a Tignes statement. Acroland, revamped in 2021, offers 3 levels with for each of them the possibility of choosing between a simple slide on the toboggan or adding a jump down the slope! 6m, 9m, 12m jumps, good swimmers over 10 years old only.


Greece, Profitis Ilias Ski Centre

A traditional ski centre which is reported to have installed a 300 metre dry slope in 2005 enabling it to offer snowsports year round (although it is difficult to find any images or evidence of this).


Guatemala, Xejuyup Theme Park

A tubing slope not a ski slope, located four hours’ drive from Guatemala-City, the run begins 13.7 metres high and descends 66‑metres. The park has many other attractions, too, including themed accommodation, fishing areas, horseback riding, mountain bike routes, an interactive farm and an artificial lake.


Hungary, Babos Skiclub

A popular ski club and education centre that runs adventure camps.

Hungary, Debrecen

Neveplast created a ski slope in 2016 at a new Resort Hotel in Debrecen, Hungary, The development also included two summer tubing slides and the new concept S-kid.

Hungary, Budapest, Pasaréti

Featuring a Neveplast ski slope 70 metres long and 10 metres wide installed in 2009. Ski Equipment supplied by Head

Sátoraljaújhely, 4 Seasons Sipalya

Neveplast slope, reported to be 350 metres long, installed in 2009, with conveyor lifts providing uplift. There’s an additional nursery slope area for children.


Iraq, Kurdistan, Korek Mountain Resort

Northern Iraq’s little internationally known ski area features around 4.500 square meters of Neveplast ski slopes which were installed in 2015. There’s a gondola and conveyor lift serving two ski slopes of different inclinations to serve a large target of users from beginners to expert skiers.


Irelend, Cork, Glen Centre

A community-based sports centre in Cork city with 30m long slope, 4 metres wide , designed to cater for kids, young people and adults who are complete beginners, including people with disabilities, due to the great adaptability of skiing as an activity. Snowboarding and snow tubing also offered.

Ireland, Ski Centre Dublin

A centre featuring an indoor conveyor slope supplied by Alpine Engineering from The Netherlands.

Ireland, South Dublin, Ski Club of Ireland

With a long established dry ski slope where over 100,000 people have learned to ski over the years in a country with no natural ski hills, the Club has an active membership of more than 150. There are four slopes totalling 400 metres in length, the longest 180 metres long


Israel, Emek Hefer Skimulator

Established since 1998, Skimulator runs indoor ski machines at three locations in Israel, and also offers a complete one-shop ski training, ski gear and ski holiday service. Also has some fixed skloipes as well as the slope conveyor machines from Alpine Engineering. Skimulator markets itself as “The home of skiing and snowboarding in Israel.”

Israel, Ski Gilboa

Ski Gilboa features a 200 metre main slope and an 80 metres nursery/intermediate slope running alongside. The ski surface is Playgrass supplied by MK Enterprises. The ski facility is part of a complex that includes shops and hotels.

Israel, Haifa Skimulator

Established since 1998, Skimulator runs indoor ski machines at three locations in Israel, and also offers a complete one-shop ski training, ski gear and ski holiday service. Also has some fixed skloipes as well as the slope conveyor machines from Alpine Engineering. Skimulator markets itself as “The home of skiing and snowboarding in Israel.”

Israel, Holon Skimulator

Established since 1998, Skimulator runs indoor ski machines at three locations in Israel, and also offers a complete one-shop ski training, ski gear and ski holiday service. Also has some fixed skloipes as well as the slope conveyor machines from Alpine Engineering. Skimulator markets itself as “The home of skiing and snowboarding in Israel.”


Italy, Bergamo, Selvino

The first ski slope ever created by local slope-manufacturer Neveplast in 1998 is still operating. The 100m main ski slope is still the original with only a few square metres replaced during the years, the company says. The ski slope is located in a formerly snowy area that no longer gets much snow most years and is used by the local ski team for training during the summer. Selvino is also where the first Tubby slide was installed. Now there are two Tubby slides installed, both 70 metres long, one straight and the other with parabolic turns.

Italy, Bergamo, Urban Lab

With an innovative ‘laboratory’ approach to winter sports, Urban ski lab is a proper winter village right in the centre of the city which includes a flat “first steps” area for getting confident with the equipment as well as a “beginner area” with a small incline ideal for very beginners. Then there’s an 80 x 10m intermediate slope with an average inclination of 17% skiers equipped with a conveyor belt as well as a cross country ski slope for skating technique of 130 metres as well as a cross country ski slope for classic technique also of 130 metres and a ski rental facility. The whole project was developed by Neveplast in collaboration with local parents and two local high schools meaning students can learn to ski in their PE lessons.

Italy, Fontaniva, Jara Park

Freestyle multi-sports area with skateboarding park and a 600sqm freestyle ski and snowboard area in Fontaniva (close to Padova, Northern Italy) with Neveplast matting installed in 2014. There are two separate 60m ski slopes equipped with many boxes and rails.

Italy, Trieste, Ski Club 70

Believed to be one of the longest established dry ski slope centres, Ski Club 70 uses the ski slope surface designed by SIT, originally patented back in 1958.

Italy, Trentino, Mezzana, Ski Garden Val di Sole

The facility, complete with beginner and intermediate level ski runs, has been created using Neveplast surface material, and also includes a tubing run and a café. The project, conceived during the Covid-19 pandemic, is the result of the entrepreneurial spirit of two industry professionals, Matteo Taller and Diego Redolfi who were looking for a way to expand the summer tourist offer in the Val di Sole. “We needed something very innovative for the summer, possibly an absolute novelty in Trentino. At first, we thought about grass skiing, but we abandoned the idea almost immediately as regular skis are not suitable to practice it, and for us they were a fundamental element,” said Matteo Taller. The main “Temrex Ski Slope” for more advanced skiers has a gradient of 15% and the nursery run is called “Podhio First Steps” and is optimised for beginners and children for use in total safety. The “Termex Ski Slope” has a conveyor lift for uplift. Minimising environmental impact was a priority with the Skigarden designed to integrate  harmoniously into the surrounding landscape and the Neveplast material used made from recycled former Neveplast surface material.


Japan, GALA Yuzawa

GALA Yuzawa is a leading Japanese ski resort which operates a dry slope in summer using material supplied by PIS LAB.  The 350m long slope is accessed by the resort’s Phaeton double chairlifts and operates from mid-July to early September at weekends and holidays.

Japan, Kagura

A regular Japanese winter ski area in the Niigata prefecture, famous for its powder snow, which in 2016 decided to install what was for three years the world’s longest dry ski slope, known as “Kobukuro” at 1.1km (3/4 of a mile) using its existing lift network for uplift. It was overtaken, just, by a new slope at Chechnya in Russia in late 2019.

Japan, Nozawa Onsen

Nozawa Onsen, one of Japan’s longest established and leading ski areas, built one of the world’s longest dry ski slopes which opened on July 1st, 2017, complete with its own chairlift and computer controlled ticket access gates. The slope is 500m long, its steepest sections have a maximum gradient of 27° and average slope 12°

Japan, Murata Tohoku Quest

Established in 2014 this freestyle facility has an artificial surface ski slope ramp which freestyle skiers and boarders descend to get air, practice their trick, then land on a big air bag. The centre is owned by Takashi Nishida, a former Olympic snowboarder.


Mexico, Bosques de Monterreal

One of the world’s leading dry ski slopes with a 230 metre main slope and separate beginner and tubing areas in a multi-sports destination resort. Skiing was added in 2004, there’s sometimes natural snow cover too.

Mexico, Woodward Riviera Maya

Woodward, the world’s original indoor freestyle sports complexes, opened its first centre outside the US in 2017 as part of the new Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya. The 20,000 sq. ft complex is a “shrine to lifestyle sports” and also features a skate and BMX park, parkour, cheer and hip hop dance programs and amenities, trampoline, a Digital Media Camp and more.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands, Zuidbroek, A7 Indoor Ski

A single-slope complex with a very modern Alpine Engineering slope machine facing a mirrored wall. Located 15 minutes by car from the city of Groningen, on-site facilities include a cozy bar.

The Netherlands, Oss, Alpine World

Operating three slopes, each 110-130 metres long, supported by four lifts, this is one of Europe’s larger centres.

The Netherlands, Indoor Ski Arnhem

Part of a sports centre which also has a swimming pool and squash courts, there are two modern conveyor slopes.

The Netherlands, IndoorSki Assen

Popular indoor ski centre with ski deck conveyor slope running regular ski trips.

The Netherlands, Langlaufvereniging Bedaf

Rare year-round cross-country ski centre with 7-00 metres of cross-country ski tracks. Biathlon and Nordic walking also covered.

The Netherlands, Bergen op Zoom EGO Indoor Ski

Dating back to the mid 1990s, this is one of the larger conveyor slope centres, with two machines up to 9 metres long.

The Netherlands, Skish Berkel-Enschot

Austrian-oriented facility with two conveyor slopes. Instructors have Austrian ski teaching qualifications. The facility also has four squash courts.

The Netherlands, Ski & Snowboard Xperience Boskoop

A compact centre within a larger gym complex, there are two conveyor slopes, the usual Austrian vibe and a gondola cabin. Opened a new location in 2019

The Netherlands, Indoor Ski Breda

A facility which first opened in the late 1990s. Operates two large 9m x 5m conveyor slopes.

The Netherlands, Delph Indoorski

One of the larger indoor ski deck operators with two machines in use and additional facilities on site including a climbing wall.

The Netherlands, Indoorski Den Bosch

Holder of the url this facility with twin conveyor slopes is one of the country’s leading indoor centres. Established in the late 1990s the facility includes an Austrian Tyrolean wooden cabin between the slopes.

The Netherlands, Alpine Sports Den Hoorn

Austrian-themed conveyor slope centre with three machines and a small fixed surface slope for beginners and tubing.

The first disc slope ever (there are just two in the world, the other one is in Utrecht) was installed here.

There is also a demo center for the SkiMachine by Alpine Engineering.

The Netherlands, Uden,
De Schans Ski & Snowboardclub

Established in 1981 and one of Europe’s leading and largest dry ski centres. Marketed as the largest ski slope in the southern Netherlands. De Schans has 3 well-maintained winter sports slopes each 120 metres long with 47 metres of vertical. The runs include a freestyle park (Rookie & Pro Line) and In addition, the association has a special children’s slope for the ski and snowboard lessons of the youngest participants. 

The Netherlands, Ski Promotion Deventer

Conveyor slope in multi sports hall that also houses a combination indoor tennis and squash court as well as a trampolining area.

The Netherlands, Maastricht, Skibaan Dousberg

Popular centre with 35 metre beginner slope and 145 metre main slope served by a drag lift.

The Netherlands, Skischool Drachten

Home to two of the world’s longest (12m) and widest (8m) conveyor slopes, as is often the case in Dutch indoor centres there’s an Austrian theme throughout.

The Netherlands, Skicentrum Drechtsteden

One of Europe’s larger centres with four slopes, the longest 150 metres in length, served by three lifts. The shorter slopes include a steep 75 metre run, but there’s also a gentle 30 metre nursery slope.

The Netherlands, Ski Fit Eindhofen

A combination of party venue and indoor ski centre with three conveyor slopes.

The Netherlands, Langlaufvereniging Gouda

Cross-country ski only centre with 800 metres of year-round cross-country ski tracks. Also offers roller skiing and biathlon.

The Netherlands, Skicentrum Heemskerk

A facility with two indoor conveyor slopes and the familiar Dutch take on an Austrian ski holiday environment. However the machines are modern, adjustable Maxxtracks models in this facility.

The Netherlands, Skicentrum Heerhugowaard

A busy single conveyor slope, part of larger gym complex which also has a cafe and physio services.

The Netherlands, Hoofddorp

Believed to be a unique facility having both an outdoor 100 metre main slope plus 30 metre nursery slope and an indoor ski deck.

The Netherlands, Il Primo

The longest established ski club in The Netherlands, established in 1964 and opened what was at the time Western Europe’s longest ski slope at 71 metres in 1969. Had a high point of 3000 members in 1990s, now about 1000, operates 90 and 70 metre slopes and has 1.1km of cross country tracks.

The Netherlands, Almere, Ski Mere

With two large 9 metre long conveyor slopes, Ski Mere has an Austrian vibe and a play area for children.

The Netherlands, Skibaan Molecaten Outdoor Drenthe

Holiday park with 110 metre dry ski slope. Other activities available include climbing, zip-lining, archery, canoeing and skating. 

The Netherlands, Enschede, Ski Centrum Moser

A large facility with varied slopes, including a 130 metre easy run, a 170 metre red run and a 170 metre black run – one of the longest artificial surface blacks in the world.

The Netherlands, Nieuwegein

Established more than 25 years ago in 1994 with a 140 metre main slope and 8,000 square metres of slope altogether. At one point considered adding all weather snowmaking but decided against.

The Netherlands, Outdoor Valley Wintersport

Located close to Rotterdam, this is one of the largest dry slope centres in The Netherlands, and Europe, with three runs between 150 and 225 metres in length served by five lifts.

The Netherlands, Rock Steady

Multi activity centre with a strong focus on climbing but with a ski deck conveyor slope.

The Netherlands, Indoor Ski & Snowboard Rotterdam

Established in 1986 and one of Europe and the world’s leading centres for ski decks, the centre has three conveyor machines.

The Netherlands, Roundhill Dordrecht

Operates two conveyor slopes supplied by Alpine Engineering, including one of the larger conveyor ski slopes measuring 5 by 7 metres and with a capacity of up to three people at any one time.

The Netherlands, Skicentrum Sassenheim

Highly regarded centre with two conveyor slopes. Located in a modern, light, airy building it has a strong community ethos and operates a kids ski club.

The Netherlands, Ski Schagen

Single slope centre in complex which also includes indoor and outdoor tennis courts.

The Netherlands, The Hague,

Popular indoor centre that is also one of the largest of its kind in the world with no less than four ski decks in the Hague. Decks use Playgrass ski carpet.

The Netherlands, Amersfoort, Ski-Fun

A long-established conveyor-slope centre open to 10 or 11pm on weekdays. Two people allowed on conveyor at any one time, up to 4 an hour.

The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Ski-Inn

Located on the top floor of the former Wilhelmina Gasthuis in central Amsterdam there are two conveyor ski slopes open from 7am to 11pm daily.

The Netherlands, Indoor Ski Schagen

With a conveyor slope they say is “equipped with the latest new fall-friendly plastic top layer that has good cutting properties. This means there is virtually no chance of injuries,” teaching up to 4 people an hour with large mirrors opposite the slope.

The Netherlands, Roden, Snow & Co

Part of a large, light retail complex, the conveyor slopes here are available for lessons for all ages and abilities. There are two machines, one the largest in the Benelux region. The venue also hosts parties with a Tirolean style bar on site.

The Netherlands, Soesterburg

Located in a wooded area in the Central Netherlands, Soesterburg has five different ski runs with a variety of slope surfaces for different abilities and styles.

The Netherlands, Indoor Ski Uden

One of the larger indoor snow centres in The Netherlands with three large nine metre conveyor slopes.

The Netherlands, SnowSportCenterUtrecht

Following a make over SnowSportCenterUtrecht now contains five of the machines with moving ski carpets which move towards the skier on a slope, so the skier stays still as the slope moves towards them, in a similar way to a runner’s treadmill in a gym, leading it to claim to be the world’s largest centre for indoor skiing with ski machines. Besides the five slopes there’s also a small mobile SkiMachine for the kids and one of only two indoor disk slopes which is a similar concept to the treadmill but with the slope moving like a sloping clock face with the slope this time rotating horizontally to meet the skier coming down on the ascending side of the disk. There are only two of these in the world, both in The Netherlands (the first at Alpine Sports, Den Hoorn).

The Netherlands, IndoorSki Veenendaal

Popular family run indoor ski deck conveyor slope offering lessons to help progress technique.

The Netherlands,
Wolfskamer Wintersport

One of the largest ski areas in the Netherlands with seven ski slopes and a cross country loop covering 10,000 square metres. The sports complex run by the  Skiclub Wolfskamer was inaugurated on 17 January 1976, officially opened on October 3, 1976 and has been the most successful ski team in The Netherlands.

The Netherlands, Skicentrum de Wychense Berg

A large centre with three slopes of at least 100 metres of length, the longest 180 metres, served by three tow lifts. There’s also a beginner slope. The slope has an unusual texture with millions of small balls added to the material with the aim of increasing its slipperiness.

The Netherlands, Zaandam, Indoor Ski & Snowboard Zaanstad

This facility has two conveyor slopes within a complex that also offers squash courts, a fitness hall, a mini golf course, trampolines and an indoor game room so a full indoor sports centre.

The Netherlands, Zwolle, Snowsports Zwolle

Featuring twin conveyor slopes from Alpine Engineering.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland, Craigavon Golf Ski Centre

Set in woodland near the shores of Lough Neagh, Craigavon Golf Ski Centre at Silverwood, near Lurgan, boasts Northern Ireland’s only outdoor artificial ski slope, plus two golf courses and putting greens. There’s a 90 metre Dendix main slope, nursery slope and snow tubing facilities.


Poland, Chorzow, Freestyle Park

Ultra modern facility that opened in 2017 with twin Maxxtracks slopes.

Poland, Kurza Gora

The largest summer-winter tubing park in the world was completed in April 2019 by Neveplast. The total length of the tracks is 700 metres, with 3 straight 124 metre long tracks each, one slide with a 134 metre long parabolic bend and one Tubby Jump with an innovative landing system that allows you to slide directly off the bag, thereby increasing hourly capacity. Last but not least, and also the most spectacular feature, a double slide with different trajectories that cross each other near the tunnel.

Poland, Skipark Szczecin

Ski and climbing centre with two MaxxTracks conveyor machines and indoor climbing wall and related facilities.


Floodlit 227m long slope with water misting system on Dendix surface set in parkland with good views of Warsaw. Average slope gradient of 21 per cent. 40 metres wide it covers a surface area of 9,500 square metres.

Transgraniczne Centrum Turystyki Aktywnej

A well-established winter cross country ski centre offering Nordic walking and roller-skiing in summer but has not previously been able to offer cross country skiing when there’s no snow. The facility that opened in early 2019 comprises four separate stretches of track, each about 100 metres long. Two are designed for the skating technique and two with tracks for practising the classic style to precise FIS standards. The track has been created using Neveplast Np50sk (skating technique) and Np50tc (classic technique) products.


Portugal, Ski Skate Amadora Parque

Close to Lisbon, this facility also includes an extensive indoor freestyle skate park.

Portugal, Serra de Estrela, Manteigas, Ski Parque

One of the world’s biggest dry slopes is located close to Portugal’s only snow resort, Serra de Estrella. There’s a main 400 metre slope and several other slopes too.

It is currently unclear whether this centre still operates – social media does not seem to have been updated since 2014.


Romania, Cavnic, Superski

A small conventional ski area which in 2010 decided to add a small summer ski slope, supplied by Neveplast. The slope is 50 metres long and 20 metres wide.

Romania, Iasi, Ski-Mania

An indoor centre featuring two conveyor slopes supplied by Alpine Engineering.


Russia, Chechnya, Veduchi

The new longest dry ski slope ever built in Europe and the world was installed by Italian company Neveplast at the end of December 2019. The 1,130 metre long slope has been built at a new ski area in Russia’s Chechnya Republic in the northern Caucasus region. The slope is designed to be covered by snow. It overtakes the previous longest at Kagura in Japan. Here is a video of it.


Scotland, Aberdeen Snowsports Centre

Popular centre in Garthdee area with state-of-the-art Snowflex slope and terrain park features.

Scotland, Alford Ski Centre

Home to a floodlit 70 metre slope and 30 metre training slope.

Scotland, Dundee, Ancrum Outdoor Centre

Outdoor centre offering a variety of adventure sports including skiing and cross country skiing out in the mountains but also operating their own 52 x 20m metre Dendix slope.

Scotland, Arbroath, Royal Marines Condor Dry Ski Slope

A 95 x 33 metre Dendix slope created on a scaffold and established by the mid 1980s.

Scotland, Bearsden, West of Scotland Snowsports Centre

Long established Club (set up in 1966) near Glasgow which operates three artificial slopes incorporating a 120m long main slope, nursery slope and a state of the art free ride park. Slopes are open daily and are available to members and non members alike, as are lessons. The freestyle slope at Bearsden hosts a number of well established events each year and includes a rail park, kickers and quarter pipe.

Scotland, Aviemore, Coylumbridge Hotel Ski Slope

A small carpet slope in the grounds of the hotel primarily used by Aviemore School of Snowsports for complete novices to help them get used to equipment and positioning before they move up to the ski slopes of Cairngorm above.

Scotland, Firpark Ski Centre

Firpark Ski Centre in Tillicoultry offers a whole range of snow sport activities throughout the year on its 120m x 11m wide Dendix dry ski slope. 

Scotland, Glasgow Ski and Snowboard Centre

One of the larger ski centres, Glasgow promotes a club feel. Along with a main Dendix slope and a nursery slope area there’s a full Snowflex® Fun park including rails and quarter pipe.

Scotland, Glencoe Mountain Resort

Dry ski slope at conventional ski area which also has TechnoAlpin SnowFactory all-weather snowmaking. The dry slope is used for tubing and nursery slope lessons.

Scotland, Glenmore Lodge

The centre operates a 50m dry ski slope with drag lift which has variable control, making it suitable for beginners and all abilities skiers. The dry slope has recently been lengthened with new matting and now has floodlighting for evening practice sessions.

Scotland, Aberdeenshire, Huntly Nordic Centre

Britain’s only year-round, purpose-built, all-weather Nordic ski centre, facilities include 400 metres of ski matting for classic skiing, a 30m downhill slope and 800m of smooth tarmac for rollerski training. The facility is run by Aberdeenshire Council and was upgraded with grants from the Big Lottery in 2004.

Scotland, Jedburgh

A small, 20 metre slope, that is not open to the general public and is generally only used for school pupils who have never skied before to get some basic experience prior to ski excursions. In a 1987 listing the slope was described as a Dendix one, 60 x 40 metres in size.

Scotland, Lagganlia Centre for Outdoor Learning

One of Scotland’s newer slopes located at Kincraig in the Cairngorms National Park. There’s a 60m x 10 m artificial slope using new ski matting and a drag lift for uplift.

Scotland, Loch Insh

Popular outdoor centre offering multipe acyivities including watersports. 60 metre dry slope and ski lessons on nearby Scottish ski area slopes too.

Scotland, Edinburgh, Hillend, Midlothian Snowsports Centre

Formerly known as Hillend, and established since 1965, this is one of the world’s leading dry slopes, served by its own chairlift and boasting a main slope over 300 metres long. There is a second main slope and three nursery slopes also. The centre has the longest slope in the UK and is one of the world’s 8 largest centres in terms of dry slope surface area, however it used to have an even longer 440m slope.

Scotland, The Lecht

Like several other Scottish ski areas The Lecht has a dry ski slope at its base to provide a nursery slope base when there’s limited cover and activities like tubing when there’s no snow.

Scotland, Argyll & Bute, Neptune Ski and Board Centre

Located at the Clyde Naval Base in Helensburgh with great views out over the water, there’s a 90 metre Snowflex slope.

Scotland, Nevis Range Dry Slope

The Nevis Range ski area in Western Scotland has had a dry ski slope at the base of its ski slopes, accessed from the gondola top station, since it opened in the early 1990s. Often buried by snow it provides certainty for beginner lessons if the snow fails to arrive.

Scotland, Kilmarnock, Newmilns

One of Scotland’s longest slopes at 150 metres in length (extended from an earlier 90 metre slope in the 1980s). Floodlight for evening skiing and with a small cafeteria on site.

Scotland, Falkirk, Polmonthill

Located in the Central Belt, the centre boasts a 100m long artificial ski slope and a 20m nursery slope. Both slopes are floodlit and offer year round, all weather skiing and snowboarding. The main slope has a sprinkler system and button ski tow.


Serbia, Kopanik

The longest dry ski slope in Europe opened in Autumn 2018 at the largest ski resort in Serbia. The 800 metre long slope with 116 metres of vertical drop is believed to be the longest ever built in Europe, with the surface material supplied by Italian manufacturer, Neveplast.


Slovakia, Lyziarska Academy Bratislava (LAB)

A ski club which operates a portable conveyor ski deck from Alpine Engineering as well as a ski simulator video machine.

South Africa

South Africa, Ferndale, The Ski Deck

Conveyor ski and snowboarding slope established in 2004 and also a small fixed slope.

South Korea

South Korea, Bear’s Town

One of the world’s largest dry ski slopes, 800 metres long, with a second 150m long beginner slope. Operated by PIS LAB at the ski area of Bear’s Town in South Korea during summer only.

South Korea, Gyeongju World Amusement Park 

Major theme park incorporating multiple dry slopes, largely used for tubing.

South Korea, Seoul, Urban Snow

Urban Slope, a huge facility with 5 snow sports simulators, opened in the centre of Seoul in 2016. It’s believed to be the world’s largest single location operator of snow sport simulators – machines which match gaming with skiing or boarding in front of a computer screen.  


Spain, Virgen de la Vega


Switzerland, Crans Montana, Alaïa Chalet

A state-of-the-art indoor 5000 square metre freestyle sports facility within the environment of the world famous Crans Montana ski resort. Opened in 2019 all sorts of board sports are catered for with snowboards incorporating wheels for ramp practice in to foam pits.

Switzerland, Graubünden, Laax Freestyle Academy

The first indoor freestyle hall in Europe, the Academy was founded in 2003, features dry slope ramps and jumps with Snowflex, foam pits and a big air bag.

Switzerland, Obersaxen

This Neveplast slope was created in 2016 specifically for ski racer Carlo Janka. The aim is intensive training for improving performance at the race start. Gaining hundredths of seconds can be fundamental for the podium and the victory.

Switzerland, Saillon, Locoski

Locoski, which opened during the pandemic ion December 2020, features a SkiWorld Pro machine from Dutch-company Alpine Engineering which can be adjusted in terms of speed and steepness according to skier need. The slope also features a recent additional innovation, with routes to follow projected on to the slope.  Again these can change according to requirements. The Loco Ski Academy SA was founded by the Buchard family, who are passionate about sports and skiing. Laurence Buchard, a former competitor and member of the Swiss ski B team and the only woman in the family, can accompany skiers and offer advice to improve skills. Laurence is joined by her sons, Damien and Loïs, her brother Olivier Morand and Joël Vocat representing the Verbier St-Bernard Ski team, all seasoned skiers, in running the Locoski centre


Taiwan, Playat Ski Centre

Indoor centre with ski simulators and conveyor slopes from Alpine Engineering.


Ski365 Bangkok

The first ski centre in Thailand using conveyor machines supplied by Alpine Engineering in The Netherlands.


Turkey, Ankara, Altin Oran

Part of a large development on the outskirts of Ankara, this is one of the world’s largest artificial ski slopes, completed in 2015 by Snowflex® and covering 11,000m2 (107,640sqft). The 200m long x 45m wide main slope includes a series of kickers, a table top, rollers, waves, a 4m high quarter pipe and a rail park is served by a double chairlift. There’s also a nursery slope measuring 30m x 30m which also offers tubing.

Turkey, Istanbul Beykoz, The Dome Indoor Ski Centre

Istanbul’s second ski deck centre to open. The machine is reported to be pitched at 15 degrees, speeds of up to 20kph, 11 metres long and reputed to weigh 7 tonnes.



MK Enterprises supplied their Playtex Sliding Carpet for this slope in Ukraine.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

UAE, Abu Dhabi, Bawadi Mall, Al Ain

Complex with three dry slopes, one of them for tubing, located within a shopping mall, uplift provided by three conveyor lifts.

UAE, Dubai, Infinite Ski

The Infinite Ski centre which opened in 2019 uses two Ski Maxxtracks machines with rotating slopes with the ski surface coming towards you like a runners treadmill, sloping downhill and with a much larger surface, so users can ski or snowboard ‘forever.’  Located in Al Quoz 4, the slopes can be set at different speeds and incline levels to suit the user’s skiing level, all abilities are welcome.


USA, California, Boreal, Wooward Tahoe Bunker

Indoor freestyle facility with ski ramps and jumps in to foam pits, tied with outdoor on-snow terrain park at the adjacent Boreal Mountain ski area.

USA, Colorado, Centennial,

An indoor facility complete with a freestyle park with a short steep dry ski slope and ramp to attract adrenaline seeking enthusiasts added in early 2018. This includes a 25- foot indoor airbag beneath the ramp so that users can safely land their tricks. The facility also has five performance trampolines, a ninja warrior style obstacle course and two party areas and viewing decks.

USA, Colorado, Steamboat Springs, Bald Eagle Lake

Run by the Steamboat Springs Wintersports Club, there are six jumps built into the Bald Eagle Lake complex at Steamboat Springs, known for delivering more winter Olympians to the US ski teams than any other town. The largest replicates the most gentle of the jumps used in the winter for aerials. Another simulates the kick a skier gets from one of the two jumps built into a competition moguls course.

USA, Colorado, Woodward at Copper

Originally using a dry slope surface, Woodward has moved to using snowboards with little wheels built in to them to use skateboard ramps to practice jumps in to foam pits. The indoor facility makers use of outdoor snow almost year round at high-altitude Copper Mountain ski area.

USA, Connecticut, Powder Ridge

The “southernmost ski area in New England” installed a 230m (750 foot) dry slope in 2017 using a surface called ‘365 Synthetic Snow’ with plans at the time to extend it to an 855 metre (2800 feet) slope that would be one of the world’s longest.

USA, Florida, Bill Jackson’s

Long established adventure store with one of the world’s oldest surviving rotating carpet decks, originating from 1980

USA, Florida, WinterClub

Popular ski club in Winter Park, Florida, with a conveyor slope as well as a ski simulator for practice.

USA, Georgia, Atlanta, Southern School of Snowsports

This organisation has an unusual approach, bringing a carpet dry slope to schools and community groups around Atlanta, Georgia, so that children can learn the basics before heading to a ski resort for on snow practice.

USA, Illinois, Chicago Snow Studio

A conveyor style ski learning slope with twin slopes. The centre is run by PSIA Central Ed Staff member Mary Lou Cincola.

USA, Illinois, Raging Pheasant Terrain Park

This small summer terrain park was built by the Roberts family who have been ski instructors for more than five decades. Lydia has been teaching skiing since 1968, snowboarding since 1988. Chuck has been teaching skiing since 1970 and snowboarding since 1987. Private lessons given every Saturday at Wilmot Mountain, Wisconsin.

USA, Minnesota, The Alpine Factory

Opened in 2018 it features two continually revolving conveyor slopes, each of which can be used by up to three people. The speed and pitch of each slope can be adjusted to suit the ability of the user. 

USA, Minnesota, Buck Hill

A conventional ski resort that in 2016 decided to add one of the world’s biggest yet dry ski slope areas covering 14,000 square metres in order to offer skiing and boarding year round. Neveplast installed three slopes up to 400 metres long and Tubby slides for tubing too. Slope gradients of 5% to 17% guarantees an use of the ski slope to beginners until expert skiers.

USA, New York State, Bristol Mountain

Bristol Mountain, a ski centre in America’s New York state, located a little south of Lake Ontario and the Canadian border, installed a freestyle jump with artificial slope surface for summer use in Summer 2021. Primarily designed for freestylers and slopestylers, the facility used approximately 230 m2 of Watertrax sliding mats from German-based supplier Skitrax. The slope in white and red material is about 12 metres (40 feet) high, with an approach of 30m (100 feet) to the jump table and extending from about 5 metres (17 feet) directly into the water of the mountain lake.

USA, Oklahoma, Hale Scout

The Neveplast opened in 2018 in Oklahoma – one of the few US states that does not have a traditional snow ski area – although there was a small area there, briefly, in the early 1960s. Installed at the natural reserve of Hale Scout which covers 620 acres of Ouchita national forest land in the state’s Winding Stair mountains, the new slope replaced an old surface. There had been an old artificial ski slope here and this has been replaced by the new one from the Italian company, covering nearly a thousand square metres.

USA, Texas A&M University, Mt Aggie

The University slope with a surface of Powder Pak attracting 3000 learners to winter sports annually and is used for several classes. The slope added a 200 foot (60 metre) terrain park in 2000. Originally on the main campus, Mt. Aggie was recently re-constructed on the West Campus, just southwest of the new Varsity Tennis facility on Penberthy Road. There are two runs down the mountain, one straight and one with moguls, offering a challenge for all levels of ski students.  Skis, boots and bindings, poles are provided, along with a sound system to aid in the teaching of activity classes.

USA, Park City, Utah Olympic Park

A multi-jump facility and legacy of the 2002 Winter Olympics at Salt Lake City located in Park City, home to the largest ski area in the US. with skiers landing in a pool. The centre is home to the Flying Aces, a team of freestyle ski jumpers that put on aerial ski shows on weekends throughout the summer where they jump up to 60 feet in the air while performing aerial tricks. Many of the Flying Aces team members are nationally ranked skiers, and there are even some former Olympic medalists as well.

USA, Virginia, Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre

One of North America’s leading year-round centres, Liberty Mountain opened in 2008 and rapidly expanded its Snowflex area to 6478m2 (69,730 sqft).  The slope is 200m long, making it one of the world’s longest artificial surface slopes and also features freestyle terrain features.

USA, Virginia, Pro-Fit Ski & Mountain Sports

Opened in late 2017,  the first such indoor ski facility in the Mid-Atlantic area where locals can learn or practice their skiing or snowboarding close to home. The 2,500-square-foot facility is located next to Pro-Fit’s retail shop in the Virginia Village shopping centre, features two slopes— one a revolving treadmill type and the other a short fixed slope. With the revolving slope, which is reported to receive a fine misting spay to lessen friction, the pitch and speed can be modified based on the skier’s ability.

Viet Nam

Viet Nam, Ho May Amusement Park

This year-round tubing and karting area features four Neveplast Tubby slides installed in late 2018 as well as an S-KID track with special mini-karts. The structure at Ho May Amusement Park is built 14 meters high with 4 slides of 80 meters long. The slides do not require any electricity or water to operate, and also has a capacity of 300 rides per hours on one lane.


Wales, Cardiff Ski and Snowboard Centre

Located in Fairwater Park, only ten minutes from Cardiff City Centre, Cardiff Ski and Snowboard Centre was built in 1969 by Cardiff City Council. The original slope measured 90 metres and was the one of the first dry slopes in Great Britain. In 1984 the Centre went through significant changes as the management of the slope was taken over by the governing body of snow sports in Wales- Snowsport Cymru Wales and also added 10 metres to its length to make a 100 metre long slope.

Wales, West Glamorgan, Dan-yr-Ogof Ski Slope

Part of an established multi-activity centre that includes a complex of caves to visit and more than 200 full-scale dinosaur models, the slope is 110 metres long.

Wales, Llandudno Snowsports Centre

Located on the famous Great Orme, Llandudno has a 200 metre long Permasnow surfaced slope and claims the longest toboggan ruin in the country. The slope was completely renewed at the start of 2020.

Wales, Llangrannog Snowsports Centre

The 100m slope was built in 1989 and has continuously grown and developed to Llangrannog Ski and Boarding Centre as we see it today. It has a watering system, lift and floodlights for evening lessons. The slope is the only ski slope in West Wales. A new Playgrass Freestyle Slope featuring a table top jump, quarter pipe, good landing area and a lengthy in-run was added in late 2018, covering some 1400 square metres and sits alongside the original ski slope.

Wales, Dyfed, Pembrey Ski Slope

One of the leading dry ski centres in Wales, established in 1988 with a 130 metre floodlit main slope.

Wales, Pontpool Ski Slope

Pontypool Ski Centre boasts a 230 metre main slope, one of the UK’s longest, a novice/beginners area, a Poma ski lift, sprinkler system and mogul run. Built in 1974, the slope is the oldest in Wales. In addition to open skiing times, the centre runs its own ski school which offers instruction for all standards of skiing and snowboarding from ‘novice to expert’.