The Ski Slope Built on a Sand Dune by the Seaside Using Pine Needles in Southwest France in 1938

A 250 metre long ski slope was created in 1938 on the south west French coast at Arcachon on the shores of the Bay of Biscay. 

Known as Créppins, the slope was  covered with pine needles (locally called grépin) which offered what were described as, “very good gliding conditions.”

It was used especially for training in slalom, downhill and even ski jumping as a concrete springboard had been built. 

By 1947 the slope was famous in France and hosted the final competition of the calendar year of the French Ski Federation, bringing together skiers from all over France.

In 1963 a cable lift was installed. However the slope closed in 1970 following an accident.

A “Friends of the Ski Trail on Pine Needles at Arcachon” association was founded in 2006 and has campaigned to recreate and reopen the slope but so far without success.