JF Dryski

JF Dryski is a new generation of dry ski mat brand founded by Mr. Jian Feng in China in 2007.

A key element in the mat’s design, which is different to others created around the world over the previous 50 years, is that its appearance is similar to that of enoki mushroom, hence the nickname ‘mushroom needle mat’.  It is a different skiing experience to the brush, carpet and comb designs.

Over the years since his original creation, JF Dryski has continued to evolve and improve the product. Today after ten years of use and improvement, the fourth generation of enoki mushroom dry ski is the best yet in terms of simulating skiing, service life and usability.

Worldwide Success

JF Dryski has been used at dozens of new facilities in China, but is also increasingly successful worldwide.

Users outside China include dry ski slopes and freestyle centres in Japan, South Korea, Belgium and even the state-of-the-art Australia-National Snowsports Training Centre (NSTC) in Jindabyne which opened in 2021.

Simulating Real Snow

Mr. Jian Feng has studied the characteristics of snow skiing and designed the surface with three layers, based on the on-snow experience.

With snow first there is the solid base layer, then a sticky layer in the middle and finally the soft, wet surface for contact with the ski, together providing the physical conditions for sliding, cutting, and stopping on skis.

The needle mushroom dry ski surface simulates the on-snow experience in a similar way. It provides the same structure for sliding, becoming a unique layered dry ski mat, which JF Dryski believe makes the needle mushroom dry ski the most snow-like design.

Other Characteristics

In addition, the mushroom dry ski invented by Mr. Jian Feng has made studies and advances in terms of sound, cushioning, weather resistance and installation structure.

The rise of China’s needle mushroom dry ski has ushered in an important new member of the dry ski family around the world, helping to further expand dry skiing around the world.

“Let us work together to change the limits that skiing can only be carried out in winter, so that people who love skiing are no longer restricted by time and space and enjoy skiing wherever and whenever they like!” says Mr Feng.