Worlds Longest Dry Slope of the Time opened in France in 1967

One of the world’s first slopes with a plastic ‘comb’ surface opened in early 1967, at the time the longest in the world. 

In common with other early French dry slopes it was built near the coast, this time near Dieppe, backed by the owner of the local casinos.

The opening ceremony was attended by the greatest French skiers of the day including Jean-Claude Killy as well as the Minister of Sports and the President of the French Ski Federation.

The slope material used is reported to have been seen by local man Jacques Sée in Turin the previous November 1966. 

The slope, descending the cliff of the Côte aux Hérons in front of the hotel du Golf was 175 metres long and varied between 30 and 80 metres wide.

Lots of skiers suffer injuries and burns from the slope surface and it was “quickly abandoned” although 50 years later it is reported to still be there, now buried under gorse and scrub.