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NSW Government Commit $5 million to New National Freestyle Snowsports Training Centre

The New South Wales provincial government in Australia has said it will invest $5 million Australian dollars in a new year round freestyle training centre, complete with year-round dry slopes, ramps and a modern slope-hugging big air bag. The new National Snowsports Training Centre (NSTC) in Jindabyne, close to the ski resorts of perisher and Thredbo, will help the country’s

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The Ski Slope Built on a Sand Dune by the Seaside Using Pine Needles in Southwest France in 1938

A 250 metre long ski slope was created in 1938 on the south west French coast at Arcachon on the shores of the Bay of Biscay.  Known as Créppins, the slope was  covered with pine needles (locally called grépin) which offered what were described as, “very good gliding conditions.” It was used especially for training in slalom, downhill and even

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The Predecessors of Dry Slopes

Prior to the first permanent dry slopes in the 1960s, there were two development stages in England. The first involved teaching skiing on flat gradient ‘hard surfaces’ (in school halls and playgrounds, village halls and the like) as pictured above. The second was the development of  a brush board portable slope – effectively large wooden boards where the brushes were

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Conveyor Slopes Centre Opens in Dubai

A conveyor ski machines centre has opened in Dubai. The Infinite Ski centre uses two Ski Maxxtracks machines with rotating slopes with the ski surface coming towards you like a runners treadmill, sloping downhill and with a much larger surface, so users can ski or snowboard ‘forever.’  Or at least as long as the machine is switched on. Located in

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