Proslope was created with the aim of making skiing and snowboarding more accessible to all, not just by creating an affordable sports surface solution, but by making one that, unlike the competition, is a pleasure to ski or ride on.

The Proslope Difference

The key Proslope success factors are:

Better edge control –for skiers and boarders from complete beginners to advanced racers.

Safer – multiple safety improvements on older surfaces including the underlay which helps to absorb impacts and void-free surface.

Faster – the multi-level bristle, not only assist with edge control but also help with speed.

Easy to install and replace – the slope is based on interchangeable one-metre squares which can quickly cover a big slope, are easy to cut to fit when required and are great for small irregular areas too.

Aesthetics – looks like snow and the design of the mat has tremendous appeal to ‘give it a go’!

Get It Right From The Start

The choice of surface material is critical. The long held mantra of ski coaching: ‘Safety, Enjoyment and Learning’ has never been more important today, particularly when its crucial to convert new visitors to repeat business.

Proslope can be used for new or existing slopes. Its design allows it to be laid easily. The surface has no protruding metal, or voids that could potentially catch a stray finger or thumb and thanks to a Geotextile shock membrane, it cushions users against any accidental falls, while the possibility of injury caused by impact is also reduced.

“When we launched back in 2012, the outdoor dry ski slope scene was looking tired and undervalued. Traditional Dry Ski Slopes historically had mixed reviews, but this was always mainly down to the overall experience of poorly maintained slow surfaces designed in the 1950s,” a Proslope spokesperson explained.

Proslope offers ‘the best of all worlds’. Using tried and tested brush technology, it’s secret lies in its Variable Height Filament. This allows skis or snowboards to glide with less surface contact and therefore less friction build up, thus increasing speed. All this is done whilst allowing for better edge grip, when both upper and lower filaments are engaged.

Skiers and boarders that use the surface having tried others report its much faster to ski on and softer to fall on compared to other surfaces – in both respects closer to real snow.

Turning “Dry Slopes” into “Wet Slopes”

Dry ski surfaces mean friction which both slows the skier or boarder’s descent and often damages equipment with the resulting heat build-up. Therefore the importance of effective lubrication cannot be under-estimated for both the rider experience and the performance and longevity of the materials.

The Proslope answer is to turn “Dry Slopes” into “Wet Slopes” with their unique integrated Atomising Water Mist System. The huge advantage of the Proslope Atomised Mist System is that it has a very even distribution which creates a completely uniform coating, all while reducing the amount of water needed by a third.

The misting system is designed to work seamlessly with Proslope matting. The housing fits flush with the mat and the nozzle is slightly recessed in the upper face to avoid any possible contact with snow sports equipment.

The nozzle atomises water into a mist that clings to every filament of the mats. Misting this way provides a much better coating and uses significantly less water than a standard spray system.

The body of the mist system is modular and fits perfectly between the mats and can be connected in series or run on pipes in parallel for lower pressure systems.

The surface itself then traps water and retains it.


Centres that have replaced older surfaces with Proslope have reported a considerable decrease in the number of accidents and injuries.

The reasons for this include:

  • No voids to trap digits in in the surface.
  • Misting system decrease heat build-up reducing danger of ‘burns’ of exposed ski sliding on the surface.
  • The underlay makes the surface softer to fall on and reduces the danger of injury from impacts.
  • More snow like performance, less jerky movements which can destabilise skiers and boarders.

Visit The Test Centre

The Snowtrax Alpine Activity centre situated in Christchurch on the South Coast of England has been offering skiing and snowboarding for more than three decades and other activities like tubing and ski-bobbing. Between 2011 and 2013 the centre recognised that its existing surface was holding it back and invested in a redevelopment installing Proslope on its 110 metre main slope, remodelling the bottom section to include a 3-metre jump and a counter slope to assist the return of users to the lift. It also redesigned the beginner slope as well as the intermediate ski and snowboard slope which included the installation of three moving carpet lift systems.

Contact Proslope to arrange a site inspection to see what Proslope can do for your business and experience the surface for yourself. +44 (0)1202 798455

“With our next generation snow sports matting, consumers can experience the thrill of snow sports, without needing to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to the slopes at huge expense and finally offering the skiing and snowboarding industry a synthetic surface without compromise!” the spokesperson concluded.