New World Longest Dry Ski Slope Planned For Malaysia

A new theme park planned for Malaysia will incorporate the world’s longest dry ski slope yet, at 1.2km (3/4 of a mile), descending 220 vertical metres.

The new Escape Cameron Highlands theme park in Pahang will also be carbon-neutral and is set to open from 2023.  The “European-themed” park will cover 60 acres initially and be built in to a hillside.

The world’s current longest dry ski slope at just over 1.1km opened less than two years ago in Chechnya, Russia.  The first slope longer than 1km opened only a few years before that at a Japanese ski resort.

The park will be themed into five different European villages at varying elevations, including  Iberian, British, Balkan, Nordic and Alpine. Besides the ski slope the park will incorporate the brand’s Gravityplay and Adventureplay games.

Developers The Sim Leisure Group say the park will preserve the natural habitat of Cameron Highlands and incorporate lots of tree planting, minimal use of energy, rainwater harvesting, and lots of recycling initiatives. It will rely on 100% on renewable energy mainly coming from a photovoltaic facility as well as some from wind turbines and mini hydropower.

The group already tun two Escape theme parks in Malaysia, Escape Penang and Escape Challenge in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

The Cameron Highlands area is one of the cooler regions of Malaysia and the Tropics, but still very warm and the ski slope will be the first of its type in the region within an equatorial climate.