The World’s 20 Longest Dry Ski Slopes

Dry ski slopes have now been with us nearly 100 years, with special artificial surfaces designed especially for skiing on manufactured for the past 60 years. But many of the very longest slopes in the world have appeared in just the past few years, here’s the 20 longest on the planet at present.

(1) 1,130m Veduchi, Russia

This very long slope in the autonomous region of Chechnya, Russia, opened at the very end of 2019. The slope was supplied and installed by Italy’s Neveplast company. Here’s a video of the slope.

(2) 1,100m Kagura, Japan

This slope manufactured by South Korean company PIS-LAB is installed on a regular ski slope at the Kagura ski area near the famous ski town of Yuzawa. It only operates as a dry slope for limited periods in summer and autumn.

(=3) 800m Kopaonik, Serbia

Europe’s longest ski slope, created by Italy’s Neveplast company, is served by its own quad chairlift. Here’s a video of the slope.

(=3) 800m Bears Town, South Korea

Similar to Japan’s Kagura slope this slope manufactured by local company PIS-LAB is installed on a regular ski slope at one of the country’s best known ski resorts and only operates as a dry slope for limited periods in summer and autumn.

(5) 500m Nozawa Onsen, Japan

Japan is the only country with two ski areas in the top 10 longest dry slopes, and indeed both are in the top five. Like Kagura, Nozawa Onsen’s slope is spread on a regular winter ski slope for summer use only.


(=6) 380m Copenhill, Denmark

The slope on a ‘waste-to-energy’ green power plant has quickly become world-famous. The Neveplast surface allows natural foliage to grows through the ski slop[e, whilst still remaining skiable. Here’s a video of the slope.

(=6) 380m Sátoraljaújhely, Hungary

The fourth Neveplast ski slope in the world top seven is Hungary’s longest.

(=8) GALA Yuzawa, Japan

GALA Yuzawa is a leading Japanese ski resort which operates a dry slope in summer using material supplied by PIS LAB.  The 350m long slope is accessed by the resort’s Phaeton double chairlifts and operates from mid-July to early September at weekends and holidays.

(=8) 350m Noeux les Mines, France

A major centre near the French Coast and Calais, this centre is the largest in the world using the British-designed and supplied Snowflex surface. The main slope has a 110m vertical and pitches of up to 28%.

(10) 330m Buck Hill, USA

This conventional US ski resort in Minnesota covered a number of its runs in all-weather dry-slope material for year-round use after the snow melts each spring. It’s the fourth Neveplast ski slope in the world top eight keeping up the company’s 50% hit rate.

(11) 305m Hillend, Scotland

In contrast to many of the slopes in this list, especially the top five, the Midlothian ski centre at Hillend is one of the world’s longest established centres, created nearly six-decades ago, and boasting the world’s longest Dendix slope.

(12) 300m Ski Mountain Park, Brazil

Brazil’s largest mountain sports resort opened in March 1998. The ski run is the longest year round slope in the southern hemisphere and served by a single seat chairlift.

(13) 280m Ski Gilboa, Israel

Ski Gilboa features a 200 metre main slope and an 80 metres nursery/intermediate slope running alongside. The ski surface is Playgrass supplied by MK Enterprises.

(=14) 230m Bosques de Monterreal, Mexico

Mexico is home to the world’s second longest Dendix surface ski slope and the second longest year-round slope in North America. Mexico has no conventional ski areas but this centre does occasionally get natural snowfall.

(=14) 230m Pontypool, Wales

The longest slope in Wales is also the country’s oldest, established in 1974.  The Dendix slope is served by a POMA drag lift.

(= 14) 230m Gloucester, England

The Dendix covered longest slope in England is one of five, served by two drag lifts, which also include a Snowflex® fun park with two quarter pipes, fun box and jump.

(=14) 230m Powder Ridge, USA

Another US resort that installed an all-weather artificial-surface slope on its existing winter ski runs. The “southernmost ski area in New England” installed a 230m dry slope in 2017 using a surface called ‘365 Synthetic Snow’ with plans at the time to extend it to an 855 metre slope that would be one of the world’s longest if it ever happens.

(18) 225m Outdoor Valley, The Netherlands

The longest slope in The Netherlands.

(=19) 200m Jianfeng Qifengxia Four Season Dry Ski Slope, China

The slope opened in January 2021 and can accommodate 300 skiers at the same time. All slopes use the latest fourth-generation needle mushroom dry ski mat of JF Dryski. There are three ski slopes, the longest 200 metres long with an average gradient on 15 degrees over a 36 metre vertical drop. The whole complex has four carpet lifts providing uplift.

(=19) 200m Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre, USA

One of North America’s leading year-round centres, and the third US centre in this list of the 20 longest, making the US the only country with three entries in the list, Liberty Mountain in Viginia opened in 2008.

(=19) 200m Llandudno, Wales

Located on the famous Great Orme, Llandudno has a 200 metre long Permasnow surfaced slope and claims the longest toboggan ruin in the country. The slope was completely renewed at the start of 2020.