Neveplast focus on “De-seasonalisation”

The dry slope centre designer and manufacturer Neveplast have now been working for 25 years, making it possible to practice winter sports 365 days a year. Now they are stressing that in a changing world for winter sports resorts, they are there to help with “de-seasonalisation”.  In other words, providing the surfaces ski areas need to guarantee sliding fun when there isn’t snow, at any time of the year. 

“Our mission, through the creation of ski slopes in the city and wherever there is no snow, is to make the beauty of our mountains better known and to increase the number of tourists who choose the mountains as their holiday destination in winter but also in summer,” a Neveplast spokesperson said, adding, “To achieve this goal, the challenge for ski resorts is called ‘de-seasonalisation’ a process that involves extending the season in the mountains, even in the less ‘popular’ months, thanks to a more competitive offer.”

The Neveplast product range offers fun, safe, outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family and are environmentally friendly, all designed to be enjoyed all year round.

Neveplast’s TUBBY summer tubing slopes have now made it into the Guinness World Records Book with their avalanche Park in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The largest tubing park in the world, it has a record length of 2,513 metres and 24 lanes, holding the record for having the most lanes on a fun slide. Three conveyor lifts bring users to the top of the slope at 22 metres.

Neveplast have also created a new and completely revamped version of Skiddy, a concept the company designed for go-kart drifting that simulates skidding on ice and snow. The brand new Neveplast Skiddy is provides a kart drifting experience, greater wear resistance and an increased feeling of grip.

The new surface still provides excellent drifting, yet with a little more control. In fact, while drifting – the soul of Skiddy – remains unchanged, the new blend and geometric shape, allows for an increased control. The direct consequence is an upgrade in terms of greater fun and performance.

After the initial months of testing Neveplast have built the first track with the new Skiddy in Livigno, Italy, the same track where we first launched Skiddy in 2013.

Neveplast’s latest fun product, SKLIDE, has also been a great success. Launched a year ago on the market, it has become one of the most requested by operators who want to increase their summer tourism offer for children in a simple and fun way, even in small spaces.

SKLIDE, and, as the name – resulting from the combination of SKI and SLIDE – suggests, it is the result of the know-how developed by the company, in many years of experience in the SKI and FUN sector.

It adds value because it can quickly increase capacity. In addition, it consists of a modular system that can be installed on a natural surface. SKLIDE offers a wider range of possibilities since there are fewer restrictions.

A product with a fresh and innovative soul, which is characterized by its simple architecture, that ensures a healthy and intuitive fun.

The stage of these challenges is the SKLIDE track, with more parallel lanes, whose sliding surface is made up of the innovative NP30 FREESKI, Neveplast’s latest addition, with marked sliding and resistance characteristics, ensure under any weather and environmental condition.