A New Indoor Ski Centre for Shanghai

A new indoor ski centre opened in Shanghai, China, on January 3rd, 2023

Known as the S.H.O.W Ski Center, the facility has two dry ski slopes, an 8m high, 39m long airbag slope with a 20° slope angle, as well a 10.5m high, 43.5m long beginner’s slope with a 14° slope angle.

As for the airbag slope, slope manufacturer and centre designers JF Dry Ski, organised two different heights of platforms for experienced riders to choose from. The highest platform is about 7.1m in height.

The slope is the second partnership between JF Dry Ski and S.H.O.W Ski Center, who have just moved from their old site in Shanghai to this new one at No.719 Zhenchen Rd.

“We redesigned the slopes for them according to their new site. Most of the dry ski mats are the old ones from their previous site which have been used for over a year but still in very good condition. S.H.O.W Ski Center is still the only place to ski and snowboard in Shanghai,” said a spokesperson for JF Dry Ski.