Skiing on City Walls Near Venice

Treviso, a beautiful little town near Venice, held a special event to celebrate the centenary of its founding at the start of October, and one of the big attractions were artificial ski slopes on the city walls – one for downhill, the other cross-country skiing.

The Mountain in the City. Skiing on the Walls” event, part of the the European Week Of Sport 2022 (EWOS), was organised by the UOEI Treviso ASD and the ski surface supplied by Neveplast.

EWOS is part of an initiative of the European Commission that promotes activities that through sport promote inclusion and the physical and mental well-being of families.

“2022 is a very important year for our association, which this year celebrates 100 years since its founding.  A centenary steeped in passion and dedication for skiing in which UOEI ASD has tried to divulge its values in an innovative and unconventional way,” sids Cinzia Bonetto president UOEI Treviso ASD.

Thanks to the collaboration with Neveplast, children and families from Treviso as well as visitors, had the opportunity to ski on the walls of Treviso free of charge. Ski equipment was provided and instructors were available to teach ski technique to all who wanted to try. 

“With Neveplast we share the potential of ‘Urban Skiing,’ or skiing in the city as a strategy to make skiing more accessible and to bring more and more enthusiasts to the mountains,” a company spokesperson said.

The city was also celebrating “the month of the child” in October and the event fitted that perfectly.

“Sports, skiing in particular, are an extraordinary driver of healthy values and positive principles. Skiing represents a unique experience in the lives of growing children. It trains fun, socialization and sacrifice, and all children should have the opportunity to learn to ski. We have been trying for many years and now thanks also to the technology and creativity of Neveplast we can do it in the city, at home, even without snow,” concluded Cinzia Bonetto.