New City Ski Centre With Airbag Opens in Southeastern China

JF DrySki have completed a new ski slope for the Colorsnow Ski Club in Nanshan District, Shenzhen in Southeastern China.

The new facility, located in heart of the city’s Pengrunda Commercial Plaza, has two slopes served by a 33m-long magic carpet.

One of these is a 4 metre wide and 33 metre long slope with an airbag, the other a 12 metres wide, 38.4m long beginners’ slope.

The airbag slope required a special curving support metal frame to be fabricated to hold the slope and create the jump.

The new centre is located near to numerous top tech companies, like Tencent, DJI and Huawei.

“We believe this ski club will be a hub and a home for people who have similar interests and incubate ski culture with diversity and expertise in this snowless city,” a JF DrySki spokesperson said, adding,

“So far, this is the second time we are cooperating with Colorsnow Ski Club, and we want to express our sincere appreciation to our client for their trust and support.”

China has seen phenomenal growth in the number of people who want to ski and snowboard in the country, further fuelled by successfully hosting the Winter Olympics earlier this year, but most of the country’s fast population live in warm, snow-free areas in the south of the country so indoor snow centres and dry slopes are increasingly bringing the snow to them.