Cross-Country Ski By The Sea Proves Popular

The possibility to ski on a cross-country loop by the sea in December and January proved very popular at Italy’s Caorle Wonderland during the holiday season.

The event, which ran from 4th December to 9th January at Caorle, a delightful village on the warm Adriatic sea, involves a whole range of events to launch the winter season for the area.

The big news for the 2021-22 edition was the Neveplast track for cross-country skiing. The 400 metres long cause was laid out along the cliffs of the Adriatic coast.

Open daily from 10am to 8pm with ski rentals available in this unusual location for cross-country skiers, circuits of the track could be made with the surreal sound for skiers of the sound of the waves of the sea as they skied.

Starting at the iconic Sanctuary of the Madonna dell’Angelo it’s believed to have been the first time people on the Venetian coast could cross-country ski in the area.

The organizers of Caorle Wonderland turned to Neveplast because of the Bergamo-based company’s eco-credentials. The cross-country ski track, like all Neveplast products, are made of renewable materials and can be renewed themselves and do not impact the environment where they are laid out.

“This beautiful seaside town, famous for hosting tourists especially in summer, attracted many visitors even in winter thanks to this charming Christmas village. I saw many people of different ages and technical abilities skied on our Neveplast slope. The location is truly wonderful and I think it can be an excellent opportunity for skiing in the city, by the sea, in an absolutely unique setting. I am sure that many of those who have tried our track in Caorle will not be looking forward to going skiing in the mountains in the Dolomites. From Caorle the road to some of the most beautiful ski resorts in the world is really short,” said Niccolò Bertocchi CEO Neveplast.

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