A Special Mat for Lift Entry Points

For many years, Bergbahn Kitzbühel (Austria) has been using Lifttrax SP sliding mats for the lift entry and exit of many chairlifts. These are not just standard dry slope matting, but a special, softer product designed for this very purpose.

The resort has the longest season of any non-glacier resort in the Alps opening at the end of October using snow piled high and saved through the summer from the previous season, spread back out on the slopes at Pass Thurn (Resterhöhe).

A training area is created for racers of the various performance levels at an early stage. Dozens of national teams train here until the first races of the season start.  But the snow at the entrance to lifts can quickly wear away, especially in the early season.

Skitrax’s specially designed Lifttrax SP mats are laid for the racers at the lift entrance ensuring a smooth surface and very good sliding quality offer .

“These properties are very important to avoid scratching the sensitive racing mats made of polyethylene. For this purpose there are the Lifttrax SP mats, which are also made of polyethylene. Harder mats can damage the skis, there is a lot of praise from the racers,” explains the company’s Wolfgang Schmitd.