A New Freestyle Jump Under Construction in Switzerland

A large freestyle jump onto a Big Air Bag is under construction in Switzerland.

The Leysin Big Air Bag is being built 27 metres high and will feature two ramps and three slopes.

Fondation Leysin Big Air Bag has ordered 717.2㎡ of JF Dryski mat to cover the slopes for year-round use, although it appears there’ll be snow covering the mats through the winter from the structure’s construction pictures.

from us for three different slopes. All the slopes are freestyle slopes. Here below this their specifications.

The main slope with feature two ramps, the biggest one with a 76.8m X 4m run in, the medium one with a 77m X 4m run in. The third smaller ramp will use 17.9㎡ on the inrun to form a 5.3mX3m slope then 1m X 2m jump. Finally there will be a Jib Ramp using 40㎡ of JF Dryski mat for a 10m X 4m surface.

The facility, at the famous Swiss ski resort, is scheduled for completion by the end of December.