New Dry Ski Centre Opening in Italy

A new dry ski centre, “Skigarden Val di Sole” is opening in Italy’s Trentino region later this month.

The new facility complete with beginner and intermediate level ski runs, has been created using Neveplast surface material.

Although the Val di Sole is a famous winter ski region, this marks the first time that people have been able to ski in the area in summer.  The facility also includes a tubing run and a café.

The project, conceived during the Covid-19 pandemic, is the result of the entrepreneurial spirit of two industry professionals, Matteo Taller and Diego Redolfi who were looking for a way to expand the summer tourist offer in the Val di Sole.

“We needed something very innovative for the summer, possibly an absolute novelty in Trentino. At first, we thought about grass skiing, but we abandoned the idea almost immediately as regular skis are not suitable to practice it, and for us they were a fundamental element,” said Matteo Taller, adding,

“Neveplast, on the other hand, was exactly what we were looking for. The Bergamo-based firm, specialized in the creation of artificial ski slopes, intrigued us even more after discovering the realization of the roof slope of the waste-to-energy plant in Copenhagen.”

Skigarden Val di Sole is located in Mezzana, a town that thrives on tourism in winter, but is becoming increasingly popular even during the summer.

The main “Temrex Ski Slope” for more advanced skiers has a gradient of 15% and the nursery run is called “Podhio First Steps” and is optimised for beginners and children for use in total safety. The “Termex Ski Slope” has a conveyor lift for uplift.

Minimising environmental impact was a priority with the Skigarden designed to integrate  harmoniously into the surrounding landscape and the Neveplast material used made from recycled former Neveplast surface material.