Know The Business: Skitrax World

Skitrax World was established in 2008 to provide a quality solution for dry ski slopes all over the world.

The company’s development, sales and main production sites are all based in the famous German ski resort of Oberaudorf and Skitrax World’s patented products proudly bear the global top quality reputation that “Made In Bavaria” and “Made in Germany” bring with them.

Skitrax Main Uses

Skitrax Trading History

Skitrax grew rapidly to become one of the world’s leading dry ski slope suppliers.  It’s success is down to many things, including quality products and professional service.  But it has also proved over and over that it can always innovate and further improve its offer, giving the company durability too and helping it grow its reputation over the years.

Soon after their establishment in 2008 Skitrax World were already supplying their skimats to famous ski resorts including Davos, St Moritz and Zermatt within a year of beginning operations and Germany’s  Skicross  and Boardercross team used a Skitrax World set up at the Olympic Training Centre in Munich.

By 2010 different varieties of Skitrax are in use, including Skitrax SP the fastest surface on the market which a head sports sponsored tour uses on ramps for a tour of urban locations in 100 cities around the world. Other Skitrax surfaces are also used for ramps for freestyle jumps into water, for summer tubing slopes and for karting tracks in more and more countries.

Kodak Park Lake Placid NY

Business continued to expand rapidly 2011 and the new FIS Certified SkitraxJP and SkitraxHA were introduced for ski jumping hills. These had a worldwide innovation that they allowed jumpers to brake on landing as they would on snow in winter rather than needing to squat.

From 2012 a new tubing surface created the fastest sliding slope yet and new clients arose in Bulgaria (Bansko), Finland (Himos) and Spain (Sierra Nevada) as well as the existing alpine market.

From 2013 on the business continued to expand its range and global client list. Surfaces designed for cross country skiing and ice-style karting proved popular, along with ever more tubing projects.

Notable clients included Russian ski resort Rosa Khutor using Skitrax for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games venues there.

More recent years have seen more and more projects and more and more innovations with clients in ever more countries worldwide. Australia, Colombia, India, Iran, Mexico, Egypt, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine are among them. 

New products include a drainage fleece for go below try slopes to help improve the experience further, along with a special eco-friendly slide-liquid to make slopes more slippery too. Installations include ski jump ramp for Park City in Utah, USA; a freestyle ramps to go within the world’s largest indoor snow centre at Harbin in China; the largest freestyle ramp built so far in the world, covering  1800sqm at Brisbane in Australia in 2020 (below); and Europe’s largest dry ski slope yet for Ukraine in 2021, among many other projects.