All New Surface & Misting for Scottish Dry Slope

The ski slope at Alford in Aberdeenshire, Scotland has had a major upgrade during the country’s second lockdown.

Dry slope specialists MK Enterprises were sub-contracted to install a new Skitech surface.  It is the second time the two companies have worked together with MK Enterprises also recovering Ski Llandudno two years ago. 

The all-new ski slope is approximately 120 metres in length with an additional teaching area, the two slopes separated by a Sunkid conveyor lift.

Whilst replacing the surface the company also installed new underlay and anchorage before laying 850 new Skitech mats and a new misting system to lubricate the surface.

The impressive new slope surface replaces old Dendix matting, with some 750 ski mats replaced. Mike Keating of MK Enterprises said that some of the old Dendix mats dated back 35 years to 1986.

Ski Tech also buy the misting nozzles used on the new slope at Alford and elsewhere from MK Enterprises too as the nozzles are especially designed to ‘fit’ the traditional diamond matting.