Ski & Surf YEAR-ROUND in Oklahoma

A new centre which allows visitors to try skiing and surfing at the same location, side by side, is set to open this May in Oklahoma City.

The existing Riversport complex which already offers Olympic and Paralympic standard white water rafting and rowing as well as an artificial wave pool for surfers is to install a SkiMachine from Alpine Engineering in The Netherlands this Spring.

“Riversport will be the first place in the world you can snow ski, surf and whitewater raft all in one location,” the facility’s Executive Director Mike Knopp told local TV station Fox 25.

The indoor SkiMachine is covered in a specially-developed artificial ski grass called PoleSnow. The low-friction fibres are misted with water to create a slippery surface simulating snow.

The simulator also has a quick inclination system which allows the slope to go from a Blue ski run to the equivalent of a Black run in seconds. An added ramp offers the opportunity to practice jumps and advanced augmented reality capabilities ensure the experience will continue to expand as technology advances.

Riversport say they plan to offer sessions for people to brush up on their skills before they head out on their annual ski trip.  There will also be a ski course offering slalom practice.

“We’re looking forward to incorporating skiing and snowboarding into our Youth Outreach programs. So many Oklahoma City kids would never get a chance to whitewater raft or surf – or ski – but now they can do it right here,” Knopp continued, adding, “This is about ensuring all kids have access to outdoor experiences, even if we’re doing some of them indoors!”