Dry Slope Company Create Pump Track For SBX World Champion

Italian dry ski slope manufacturer Neveplast, who are responsible for the longest ski slopes the world (over 1.1km), in the Russian republic of Chechnya, as well as the iconic power-plant ski slope in Copenhagen, have announced they have created a pump track for snowboardcross (SBX) world champion Michela Moioli.

“I am very happy; I like it a lot! It was exactly what I was looking for to complete the summer training plan. Luckily there are companies like Neveplast that believe in our sport.  The pump track is really cool; it is just like I wanted it to be. It feels like being on snow!” said 24- year old Moioli, who holds 29 podiums, four world medals, one Olympic gold medal and three Crystal Globes.

The Neveplast set-up includes three starting ramps for alpine skiing and one dedicated to Ski cross and SBX.  The start section is particularly important in an SBX race and it is even more important when the race slope is short and the slope is designed for practicing starts,

“Winning back is always hard; it is much better being first since the beginning and keep the place avoiding contacts with other athletes that, particularly in the early phase of the race, are frequent,” commented Moioli, who added, “I am a perfectionist and I am never satisfied. Every year, when summer is coming, I try to invent something to improve. I have always been worried about Start Sections. I am confident that now, thanks to this new project, I will be able to improve my technique.”

It is not the first time Neveplast have built a slope especially for a world champion skier or snowboarder.  In 2016 the company created a slope at Obersaxen in Switzerland specifically for ski racer Carlo Janka. The aim is intensive training for improving performance, again particularly at the race start. Gaining hundredths of seconds can be fundamental for the podium and the victory.