Major New Snowflex® Centre Announced for China

Briton Engineering Developments has announce the first major Snowflex® slope to be built in Sichuan Province, China in Wufengxi Park, Chengdu.

Wufengxi Park is a new mixed outdoor sports and tourism project being developed by Shanghai Xueyu Sports Management on behalf of Chengdu Culture Tourism Wufengxi Investment Management.

The new snowsports area will consist of a main and nursery Snowflex® slope and is designed to cater for all skill levels from “nervous novices” through to “extreme experts”.

The idea of adding a snow-free ski slope began a year ago when Briton’s Chinese representative Lin Lin of Shanghai X-EDGE Sports Development Co., Ltd and his team of architects investigated several ways to enhance Wufengxi Park

“We chose Snowflex® because of its reputation and record of many successful projects world-wide. And we believe Snowflex is the only snowsports surface that truly works like snow,” a spokesperson for the Chengdu Culture Tourism Wufengxi Investment Management Co. Ltd commented.

In addition to creating more recreational opportunities, the slope will also further establish skiing and snowboarding as a mainstream sporting activity in line with the Chinese government’s desire to get 300 million people into the sport in readiness for the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022.

Terry Di Stasi, Briton’s Director of Business Development, said that Briton was thrilled to be part of such a prestigious new development, adding that such a significant Snowflex® development would undoubtedly further develop and grow snowsports in China. Di Stasi added that this major project would also be seen as another prominent showroom for Snowflex® in China.

It is envisaged that the Snowflex® slope will hold regular freestyle events to further promote snowsports in China. The Snowflex® beginner’s area will also be designed to accommodate tubing.

Construction of the Snowflex® slopes is due to begin in October 2019 and is due for completion in December 2019.