Neveplast Builds Their First Ski Slope in Spain

Italian firm Neveplast has built their first artificial ski slope in Spain.

The installation in the town of Virgen de la Vega close to Valencia is 60 metres long and 15 metres wide and is made with the company’s Np30+ surface, the latest surface type developed by Neveplast and the same as the company used on the Copenhill waste-to-energy plant, in the heart of Copenhagen.

The ski slope has been created in collaboration with partner Imasc and served by a conveyor lift produced by Sunkid.  The local Association of Mesón de la Nieve created the slope to enable year round skiing in the region and increase the number of skiers at the nearby ski resorts.

Spain has had at least two previous dry ski slopes. A Dendix slope at Montjuic near Barcelona in the 1990s, and more recently a Snowflex slope, the Meseta Ski Centre at Valladolid which closed  a few years ago.