Planned Colorado Year-Round Artificial Surface Ski Area Moves Forward

A year round dry-ski slope centre in Colorado is reported to be moving forward after its developers got permission to start work on a former waste site and convert it in to a ski area.

The site’s developers have just got formal permission to redevelop the former landfuill site in to a recreation area with ski slope.

The ski slope project, reported to have been conceived more than five years ago and first announced in late 2017, is at the heart of a $300 million 65-acre redevelopment in the fast growing community of Castle Rock, population 70,000.

Located 30 miles due south of state capital Denver, Castle Rock’s population has jumped more than 25% in the past five years and continues to grow rapidly.

Located on a site at the northwest corner of the Interstate 25 and Plum Creek Parkway the  Snowsports 365, a year-round snow sport complex would have a Snowflex slope and be able to accommodate up to 400 skiers an hour.

Besides the ski slope the facility will be home to a 300-room full-service hotel and a conference centre.  There are many other development projects currently underway or planned in or around Castle Rock.

Advisors to the project are reported to include Crown Community Development, part of the Chicago-based Henry Crown and Co which owns Aspen Skiing Co and is a share-holder in the Alterra Group which owns a dozen of North America’s leading resorts.