Latest Ski-Down-The-Roof Building Planned for Georgia

A new apartment complex will feature year-round skiing on its sloping roof as well as two ski machines indoors.

The new Dux Development at the leading Georgian ski resort of Bakuriani is the latest of at least five similar projects that include a ski hotel in Switzerland, a power plant in Denmark and ski accommodation at the Finnish resort of Levi.  Of these, the power plant ski slope near Copenhagen looks likely to be the first to open, this spring.

The Dux Development’s roof will offer year-round skiing on a 102 metre long slope that continues down the upper six floors to end two floors above ground level in the eight storey development. A climbing wall is also planned for the side of the building.

Property in the development will include ‘hotel-type’ apartments with a yet-to-be-announced  international management company taking responsibility for the running of the facility.  It is not clear if construction has begun but a completion date of December 2020 has been announced.