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Year-Round Outdoor Nordic Ski Centre Opens in Poland

An unusual year-round Nordic ski area has opened in Poland. The Transgraniczne Centrum Turystyki Aktywnej is a well-established winter cross country ski centre offering Nordic walking and roller-skiing in summer but has not previously been able to offer cross country skiing when there’s no snow. The new facility comprises four separate stretches of track, each about 100 metres long. Two

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Neveplast Move into New Offices

The Italy-based dry slope manufacturer Neveplast has moved into new offices. For the first time since the company’s foundation two decades ago their management, sales and administration and the warehouse are all housed in the same building. The building provides 2,600 square metres of space with the warehouse on the ground floor and on the first floor the management and

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The Power Plant Slope

A Danish dryland slope running off a power plant has finally been completed, after several delays An artificial surface ski slope, which runs down the sloping side of a power plant, has been completed, at least in terms of top to bottom coverage, in the past few days. The ski-slope-on-a-power-plant project, near Copenhagen, has attracted global coverage since it was first

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